No Longer A Bbag Virgin

  1. HELLO.

    Well I did first time (I'm sure not my last) and it was a bit of a rush...

    I called Bal NY today (25 mins ago) and asked for Daphne answered the phone. She is so sweet and patient (even as I had to help my 3 yr old onto the potty) she was still very sweet!!!

    Anyway after explaining what I'm looking for she directed me into a City, and after saying I wear neutrals (jeans, black tee's, etc.) her suggestions were to go with Cement (gray w/beige undertones), or maybe Black. Well, I thought the black was great, but wanted some color so I picked the Cement, I'm truly intruiged by this color. I've not see much of it and I will admit I'm a little scared.......I was going to go with Grenat or Truffle but she said they are great colors, but thought that for my first bag and wanted to stay with something that will take me through the seasons....Cement may be the best. I hope she was right :smile:

    Does anyone have any picks of a Cement City??

    I'm really anxious to see this.

    Oh my god........I'm excited, anxious and nervous all at the same time about my purchase.....

    THANK YOU ALL........
  2. The color is beautiful. Congrats on your 1st b-bag. I can't wait to see pictures.
  3. OOoo i'm SOOOOOOo excited for you ^_^ can't wait to see some yummy pictures!
  4. its really pretty... i've seen it in person at the boutique. the leather is amazing on those
  5. Congrats on your new bag!
  6. Congrats! Cement is a gorgeous color...I think it will age especially well for some reason. Be sure to post pics when she arrives!
  7. Congratulations!! :yahoo: I got it. I love it. :yes: It goes with everything in any season and it is really unlike any other color. If Daphne chose it I bet it will be gorgeous. :yes:
    Here are some pics of mine:
    pic018.jpg pic019.jpg pic022.jpg pic023.jpg pic024.jpg
  8. Daphne called me back about a couple of other bags that she found and I mentioned that I saw here that she had chosen a greige for a PF member. She said she found an absolutely "exquisite" one. I am betting it is going to FABULOUS!! :yes: She said the same thing about my black and when I received it it was indeed FABULOUS!!
    I can't wait to see yours. :yes:
  9. Congratulations, the grey is really beautiful! Can't wait for the pictures!
  10. Wow, powder--yours looks like it has some brown undertones in these pics. Is that just the lighting?

    The bag is stunning! Emanu, congrats on a beautiful choice!
  11. congrats on your first purchase!!
  12. powderpuff100...

    THANK YOU so much for posting pics. It is amazing and I bet even better IRL. I'm so excited! I also just bid on a shrug on ebay!! I'VE BEEN BITTEN BY THE BAL BUG!!! I feel I might be in deep S#*T :nuts: :nuts:
  13. Oh lucky you!! How exciting! I am soooo tempted to get one just like it. I love this color.
  14. Congratulations on your new handbag! I am sure that you will love it! How soon will it arrive??

    I wish you well,

  15. congrats!!! I love the color and have a grey as well!!!