No longer a Balenciaga virgin!

  1. Our office is moving its location, and we all had to be unplugged and wrapped up by 3pm last Friday. Since I'm in downtown SF, why not take a short bus ride to Neiman?

    I walked past Prada, past LV, and straight into Balenciaga.
    There it was. The beautiful limited edition 100th anniv B bag made exclusively for Neiman Marcus.

    I picked it up, tried it on, walked around - took advantage since no SA was on sight.

    The next thing I knew, the bag is being rung up and wrapped up in its sleeper bag and into NM shopping bag.
    I walked out of the store and wanted to scream!
    I am no longer a B virgin.


    btw, which blue is this? dark sea?
  2. Congrats!! Getting a bbag is the best feeling.
  3. enjoy it --- since it won't be your last one! :smile:
  4. Love the LE nieman bag. Congrats. its a GORGEOUS bag!
  5. Congrats on your first bbag! :smile:
  6. congrats!!
  7. Congrats on your new bag from another recent nonvirgin.

    I just had my cherry popped yesterday and bought my first Bbag.

    I think we are both now in a very exclusive club. *s
  8. Yay, I remember my first, it was such a great feeling and I will never let her go! Congrats!
  9. is there a name for this color? would love to know.
  10. it happened so quick for you;)... I must stop by NM and see the limited in real life... Could you post some pics?
  11. Welcome, Ibis, I am a newbie, too, as of this past Friday! I hope I can hold out on buying any more for a long while, as my finances need replenishing!

    I am in the SF Bay Area, too (but I bought my bag from Diabro)
  12. :yahoo:Congrats
  13. Congratulations! I'm a semi-newbie since I just purchased my 2nd bbag just 2 days I am on a:ban:until November. Although I did see a gorgeous Ink Twiggy on eBay that just listed...........mmmmm????
  14. Welcome! How exciting to have your first bbag be a limited edition!!!!!!!! It's a beauty- congrat.'s!!!!!!!
  15. congrats!! the NM bag is a awesome bag to be a first....certainly most memorable!!!!;)