no longer a Balenciaga virgin LOL!

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  1. hi ladies of the Balenciaga forum :flowers:

    let me just start off by introducing myself :P i'm madbrinks238, but most of the ladies here call me brinksy lol.

    i'm normally found at the RM (Rebecca Minkoff) first :heart:
    *i know you ladies love them Balenciagas so please don't throw your shoes at me for being upset w/ my statement...just throw your bags over :P rofl!!*

    lately i've been bored w/ just sticking to RM's designs so i thought to myself "why not try a new designer?"

    soooo here i am wanting to post up some pics of my very first Balenciaga...a Pourpre City!! :heart: i can't tell you how much i adore/love this bag. its just soooo...:tender: dreamy lol

    these pics were taken while on my trip to Cali (beautiful state, compared to my hometown, Houston TX :P)....
  2. I can't wait and welcome!!!!
  3. thanks Ghost55!!

    i'll be posting pics internet' connection's being a bit sluggish
  4. while we wait to board our plane to Orange County :smile:


    our first meal when we landed...In-And-Out Burger!!!! (this burger is like one of the best fast food burger I've ever eaten...its orgasmically good :roflmfao:) ​


  5. Lovely bag! Congratulations~
    I like in-n-out too! My favorite burger...:yahoo:
    Enjoy your trip in CA!
  6. Beautiful!!! I am an RM fan as well but recently decided to try a Balenciaga... I am debating between a Pourpre city also or an Outremer for my first one! Love your pics, very cute!
  7. Very nice! Love Poupre. Congrats on your 1st B Bag.
  8. Brinksy-so good to see you here :flowers: I love your new Poupre City-it's beautiful! Aren't Bals the best?????

    Congrats!!! Hope you got some nice sunshine in California-the rain finally stopped:yahoo:
  9. Hi there! Nice to see you on the Bal forum! Very pretty bag! Congrats!
  10. Hiiiii!!!!! :smile:

    yess there was no rain was a bit chilly but nevertheless, Cali was still breathtakingly beautiful :yes:

    and thank you ladies for being so sweet and for your lovely comments
  11. Good to see another familiar face from the RM forum! Your pourpre city looks so pretty :love: More pics, please!
  12. me and the baby at Medieval Times



  13. lol yesss...another in-and-out burger fan *high five*
    and i sure did enjoy my trip to Cali..such a beautiful state i tell ya
  14. oooo yess get a Pourpre City and we'll be twins :biggrin:

  15. thanks girlie! :smile: