No local Burlington, can I use Coach conditioner...

  1. moisturize my handles without changing the color of the patina? Thank you ladies!!! :flowers:
  2. I've used Coach conditioner, but only on fully patinaed handles. I'm pretty sure it will change the color, because on the back of mine it says not to use on vachetta (but I have an older bottle).
  3. Does the Coach conditioner only moisturize or does it also clean the dirt off the patina?
  4. It cleans a little bit, but it's mostly just a moisturizer.
  5. Have you used the coach cleanser on your patina? If you have, does it work really well? And does it dry the leather out?
  6. i have both the coach conditioner and the moisturizer that i have used on both my pre-owned large Noe & Speedy 30. the patina had turned honey on both pieces but i don't think i would use on any new piece. it really took off the dirt on the Speedy i bought also. the handles were a little dirty and they looked much better after i used it.
  7. great! I ordered a pre-owned MC speedy on ebay and from the pics, it looks like the handles are very dark so i want to get the cleanser to try to see if i can take away some of the dirt.
  8. I wouldn't recommend Coach moisturizer on new vachetta. I test spotted my handles and it dired darker.
  9. before i did handles all the way, i did do a small spot check in an area that you couldn't see to well just to make sure nothing major happend first. you might want to do the same. i used a clean cloth and just put a little on the cloth and then lightly put it on rubbing gently. then i saw it was ok and did both handles, made a big difference to me, not as dirty as when i got my pre-owned speedy :yes:
  10. Thanks! I'll do that! :smile: