No lips

  1. I went to Coach at lunch to get the lips charm as an early January pick me up. But valley fair is all out. They are ordering it for me so hopefully I will have my lips soon!
    Oh, and I saw the Carly's in person today, nice!
  2. The lips are cute! I am surprised they were out though- I would have never guessed that! LOL
  3. I grabbed it at my local Coach the other day. They only had the two floor models left and they sold out all the rest.
  4. I shop at Valley Fair too! Love that store and my SAs there.

    I think I want the lips too. Did they have the Love charm?
  5. I got the one off the display, but I'm wishing I hadn't because the metallic is off on the back, so I may order one and return this in its place. But its really cute and great with my flip flop charm, thanks my ever enabler!

    I'm not loving my clover charm though, that may have to go back a second time.
  6. Cool! There was one helping me last month named EveLynn but I didn't see her today.
    I did not see the love charm, I saw the heart frame and the flower. They seemed to be low on the initials too. They did have the lips cell lanyard. I really liked the Carlies in person. The perforated black/black sig satchel that I liked on the site, didn't blow me away in person. I didn't notice any pond, is that not in the stores yet? I did see the legacy shoulder in whiskey, still.
  7. Newbie here. I went to in hopes of ordering the lips charm but it is no longer listed. Where can I purchase the lips charm now?
  8. you can try eBay.
  9. i want this charm so bag. my local said they would call when new shipment comes in
  10. try eBay and outlets (for returns). good luck!
  11. Glad I bought them when I did!

    I bought the LOVE charm on eBay for less than the store!