NO!!!! Legacy stripe is already being copied!!!

  1. I saw that too and had mixed feelings. At least they are not claiming it is Coach, but I agree that it's only a matter of time before sellers start saying they have AUTHENTIC katy totes when they are clearly not.
  2. EEEWWWW!!:yucky:
  3. Come on!:nuts:
  4. Ugh!
  5. REPORTED!:cursing:
  6. No, no, no!! This is ridiculous!!!! I feel this goes right along with what Kiari was saying last week!!!

    How can you have an inspired bag from a "legacy" bag, meant to celebrate a brand's time of existence and success?!?! That's so counter-intuitive!!
  7. I was at a swap meet this past weekend, and I saw a fake Legacy Shoulder Bag (black sig on black). (Not an "inspired by" since it had the fake tags & all).

    technically not legacy STRIPE, but legacy fake in general...
  8. Lets compare

  9. I saw these same fakes at a store that sells "inspired" bags. They were laughable!
  10. Sorry Double Post!!!!!
  11. kiari...thanks, this really makes you appreciate REAL
  12. :yucky: :yucky: :yucky:
  13. No kidding!