No leather care / bag spa for Epi bags?

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  1. Hi all,

    I recently noticed some scratches on my Epi Neverfull. Nothing major, but it bugs me. I visited the LV store in Warsaw (Poland) and they told me that neither leather care nor bag spa treatments are avalable for Epi leather.

    Call me crazy, but I find that odd. Is that really the case and I should learn to love my bag's flaws?
  2. Once you've scratched Epi, there really isn't much you can do to remove them, unfortunately.
    You can still moisturize the leather as you would other leathers, but the scratches will still be there.
  3. I suppose I could, but I was curious what LV can do - I thought they'd have some secret methods :smile: Thanks!
  4. I'm not aware of LV offering "spa" service for any of their bags. If something can be repaired/replaced, they will do that for a fee, but you can't have them send it away to get a bag cleaned/condition.
  5. At first, the SA was all like "sure we can, I'll call you later and give you all the details" but later she texted me and said that leather care is unavailable for Epi leather. I asked about Bag Spa (5-6 weeks, sending the bag to France and back) and she replied it was only available for Taiga, Empreinte and Taurillon leather.
  6. Interesting, good to know - I wonder if it varies by country as well. I haven't heard of such a service here!
  7. I am surprised by your SA's reply: Taiga and Epi are both embossed and coated leathers, so either both of them can be refurbished or none. If you look closely at well-loved Taiga and Epi bags, you will see what they truly look like beneath the colorful synthetic coating.
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  8. Exactly what I thought. When COVID-19 ends, I plan to call Berlin LV boutique and ask them about it. It's only 5 hr drive from where I live, haha.
  9. Your SA is correct.
  10. I remember a few years ago a SA in Le Bon Marché admired my épi Speedy, and I shew him a big vertical crease with peeling coating right in the middle, next to the zipper. He told me something could be done to help... And I didn't ask for it to be done :-/
  11. Now I’m craving a mille-feuille !!!
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  12. But you may not go out to purchase it ;)
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  13. I don’t even know where I would buy a Mille-feuille in Milwaukee!