No Kooba Wallets? No big deal!

  1. LOL I dug out my Audrey clutch and put her in my Ada as a makeshift wallet yesterday. Definitely added to the weight factor, but looked so cool when I pulled Audrey out to get some cash! :tup:
  2. Oh, I love that Audrey clutch. I was thinking it might make a great big bag accessory. Excellent!
  3. LOL! Now thats what I call making use of your bags.
    I would love to try that...but the smallest kooba I have is a scarlett, and I dont think whipping it out of my brynne when I come to pay for things will have the same effect. :lol:

    Good idea though Grace...I might even re-consider a MacKenzie now after hearing it described as a wallet. :graucho:
  4. Ha! Too cute.
  5. haha that's so funny!
  6. This is an awesome idea! Kooba clutches as wallets. Will need one for all my large Kooba totes. Oh boy. This is gonna be trouble!
  7. Not a bad idea, Grace, think we ought to alert Kooba about the need for some delicious wallets:drool:...
  8. I always wondered why Kooba never did wallets. I had the Mackenzie though and boy, my bags are already heavy enough. Only if it was a few inches shorter.
  9. I wonder if I could put the clutch....
    into my Jillian...
    and put that into a Paige.....

    ok ok, I will stop. *s
  10. Oh my gosh. It's a Kooba purse Turducken! You know that chicken inside a duck inside a turkey thing! You ladies are brilliant!
  11. LOLOL
    The thought of this is hysterical....and quite pricey! I could use a few clutches. I'd like one for make-up and one for feminine products. Gonna have to buy in bulk!