No Kooba 'Blonde' Bonnies...*sniff*

  1. Im sooo lovin' the Kooba Bonnie, but I really want it in Blonde or Rose...but after checking the Kooba website it seems they dont do it in either colour.......:crybaby:

    I have considered the Blonde Elisha, but its not really a sensible buy as I dont want a big bag (got too many of those) but the Bonnie looks so small and cute but the colours arent to my taste.

    I dont suppose someone here has any inside information on whether they will be releasing Blonde or Rose Bonnie...or even a Rose Elisha...:shrugs:
  2. I have a similar issue, I really want the Charlie, but in a chocolate brown. I'm hoping they do that for winter.
  3. I know what you mean Halzer! If they had the Bonnie in Rose, I would grab it so fast.

  4. Nooooooooo! I want it!!:crybaby: I wonder why it doesnt show up on Kooba's site yet. I will have to wait I guess.....:nuts:

  5. i hate to say it, but i think they sold out of them!
  6. Vicious bliss....Im offcially envious of you and you blonde bonnie;)

    Im thinking of opting for the less exciting black one....
  7. i'm SO sorry you missed it :crybaby: i'm sure you can find one on eBay? it's delicious, just as we all expected... i've paraded around town in my PJ pants... very pink PJ pants, and fur coat all morning with my kooba lol... my boss and coworkers think i'm insane but thats okay. keep your eye out i'm going to post a thread with much anticipated pictures! (i don't really have modeling pix yet cuz the only ppl who could take them for me besides me are either working or sleeping!
  8. You can also try asking eBay seller LNinos if he'll be getting one in stock. When I ordered my red Bonnie a couple of weeks ago from him, he had a blonde Bonnie at the time. He may be getting some more in. Good luck!
  9. Thankyou Sailornep5....

    I contacted Lninos and have put down a deposit for a blonde bonnie! :yahoo:
  10. :dothewave: yaaaaaaaaaay :dothewave:
  11. Awesome!! I hope you like it!!
  12. I just got my Charlie and Nina tonight from Lninos. This seller ROCKS. They ship so fast. I haven't opened them yet. I will wait till after dinner so I can savor seeing that Rose colored Charlie.
  13. *ahem* pictures :yes: