"No Junk Mail, Please"?

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  1. Every time I check my apartment mailbox, I get a bunch of ads and coupons I don't even care about. I'm considering putting a "No junk mail, please" sign on my mailbox.

    Apartment dwellers: Do those work? Do they not put the coupons and stuff in there if I have one of those signs up?
  2. I don't think legally the postman can do this...if someone pays for postage, and it is addressed, the postman must deliver it.
  3. is OP talking about pennysavers and so forth..?

  4. Not to mention that it would be demanding a lot to expect your mailman to take the time to determine and remove whatever you consider junk mail. And then what would he do with it? He is required to deliver it.

    If you get mail you're not interested in, it takes half a second to dispose of it.
  5. twinkle and Leah are correct. Besides, junk mail is big business!

    It provides jobs for millions of people both in and outside of the US, and like excessive product packaging, helps to keep America's waste management industry strong!
  6. I think the mail carrier drops off the mail, and then the apartment puts it in the corresponding mailboxes.

    And when I say junk mail, I mean penny savers, fliers for grocery stores I don't even go to, pizza coupons . . . stuff that doesn't look like postage was paid on it.
  7. I see what you are saying. Many small businesses or food places pay people minimum wage to drop those things off to everyone. I get them in my banister for my steps and just throw them out. I suppose you can put a sign there..or ask the head of your apartment about it.