No job offers


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Mar 27, 2007
I'm sorry that you haven't been able to find a job. I totally understand, my job ends in 3 months and I currently don't have another lined up, but I am now a pro at interviews! I have hope that we'll both find jobs soon!
Jan 25, 2006
I'm sorry that you haven't been able to find a job. I totally understand, my job ends in 3 months and I currently don't have another lined up, but I am now a pro at interviews! I have hope that we'll both find jobs soon!

I guess I am also :lol: i've been on so many that I hardly ever get nervous anymore.


Jan 9, 2006
Chicago, IL
Looking for a job sucks. There's nothing fun about it! And I can totally empathize. I had a job that I was just keeping because I needed something for about a year and a half... granted, I wasn't very persistent in looking, but it took me that long to find a job I actually wanted and was offered.

I totally recommend a career center. Also, any connections that you possibly have, use them! Have you attended any job fairs? Since you're a student your school probably has a listing of some that may be of interest to you. One of my friends got her job through that, as did my brother. The other great thing about the school career center is that there may be alumni contacts, or teachers may have contacts for you. Talk with one of yours about this struggle and they might come across something great for you.

Not always the case, but possibly, to get to that dream job, you may have to take a pay cut initially. Maybe you can't do that right now, but it is something to keep in mind. Believe me, my pay is not dreamy at all, but I'm working at a place I love getting great experience and I know it gets better. I'm only 24 so I suck it up, figure I'm putting in my time and deal with the bad pay while I'm young I guess. I know everyone else in my department had to do the same.

Good luck though! Keep staying positive!


May 4, 2007
High in the Sierras
Make sure to send a short handwritten note, or email if it's a position dealing with the tech industry within 24 hours after the interview. This will keep you fresh in the interviewer's mind when it comes time to choose from the candidates. Also, even if you don't get the position, making a follow up call to thank them for their time and express your interest in future opportunities that may open up in the company.

The right job is out's just waiting for you to find it!
Nov 8, 2006
hey Gal, i'm so sorry to hear that. I know how tough it is to be in the job hunting situation and going for interview after interview and things don't work out. *hugs*

Someone else suggested your college career office, that is a good one. Do you also have an active alumni base you can reach out to?

you said you worked for a large company, go talk to people about what they do. if you are interested in working for a specific group, tlak to the manager there, let him/her know.

get out there and meet as many people as you can and see if anyone can introduce you to someone in the field you are looking to be in. that is the best way to get your foot in the door.

if you really like some of the people you interviwed with, call them and ask them if they can give you some feedback and advice on what skills you can improve on, what you can do to improve your candidacy. sometimes they will tell you the same old, it's a fit, not you reason and sometimes they will give you a hint about what made them choose someone else.

Hang in there, you just need to persevere and hang on. you will find something. it took me 9 months to find my last job. sometimes it takes longer.

GOod luck!!:heart:


Feb 22, 2007
I've been there- I know how you feel and it totally sucks! Just keep your head up and keep trying- I recently went through this myself, as are several of my friends right now- it's hard. The best advice I can give is to talk to EVERYONE you meet or know. The best way of getting a job is through other people. Don't be afraid to take any favors that come your way- and stay open minded- something that may not be your ideal job right now, could get you the experience you need to get to where you want. Best of luck!

Blair Waldorf

Aug 15, 2006
Jobs aren't really my "thing," as I am pretty much useless and lazy, so I can't really give you any advice on how to land one. I can give you lots of good vibes though! Best of luck, and I'm sure someone will hire you. Your ability to land interviews is a GOOD thing!


Apr 18, 2006
Suburbs of LA
does your school have on-campus interviews? that is where i made most of my contacts and got offers after 2nd round interviews as a result of the on-campus stuff.


Aug 20, 2006
hi there, I hope you feel better soon but as what the others have said here, just keep on going and stay positive ( I totally understand how you feel coz it took me about 5 mths to find my current job in finance) after I moved to San Diego..

But it WILL happen!

good luck!