No job offers

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  1. I have been looking for a job for over a year now and been on so many interviews I don't keep count anymore :crybaby:I submit my resume and I get interview after interview but no offers. I prepare for each interview and do my best and each time I leave feeling like things went well :s I was offered a position back in the fall and that fell through because the person holding the position decided not to leave after all :crybaby:
    I know I should be grateful for the interviews as I hear so many people say they get no response after submitting their resume. But I am really beginning to become frustrated as my current job will end after this month. Every day I maintain a positive attitude in spite of this. I have watched 2 of my friends land jobs and one of my friends just emailed me telling me she just got a job offer. I am very happy for them, but feeling down on myself at the moment. I'm sick of reading how to prepare for an interview articles etc.
    I just needed to vent :crybaby:
  2. If you haven't tried...try
  3. My boyfriend is dealing with the same thing right now, so I know how frustrating it is! He graduated six months ago and he's only gotten three interviews and no offers yet. He's still waiting to hear about one, but other than that hasn't even found anything worth applying to since then. I still have another year left of school, but then I'll be in the same boat. Our job market here is terrible right now, so we might have to move in the next few years.

    I hope things start to look up for you. It's great that you're at least getting interviews, like you said, but sometimes that's even more frustrating because then you get your hopes up. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!
  4. Maybe try meeting witha career counselor? Did you go to college? Many colleges have their career centers/counselors available for their Alumni. Do you have any friends who are in the field that you are in? Have them put in a good word about you!
  5. Keep on going, one word of advice, do not act like the job is the be all and end all, Employers can smell it. Just be yourself, remain calm, prepare and pretend that you dont need the job but it would be cool if you get it. That way you have a nice air about you! These things are like buses - you see none and then 3 come along at!
    Good luck!!
  6. thanks everyone! Lamiastella~ I have my Associates degree in Computer Science and will graduate with my Bachelors next year. I have no friends in the field I want to go in. I am thankful that I get the opportunity to interview but sick of what seems like a waste of time. I have recruiters contacting me also, but they offer pay less than what I make now and I cannot take a pay cut.
    I'm trying to remain focused and positive but it really is hard at times.
  7. I feel you. I have a job now, but its not my passion, and I've been looking for another job for about six months. I'm grateful for this job, I got it right out of college, and its great experience and everything. But I've been on several interviews with no offers yet, too. I'm still waiting to hear from one, however. I'm sending positive thoughts your way, so send me a few too, and I'm sure it'll work out for both of us! ;)
  8. I see no problem with contacting your interviewer and see what their decision was based ont and If there was anything different you could have done during your interview. Also it is a good idea to have a few questions for your interveiwer prepared. You might need Them but they should know that they might need YOU too ! Other tips : Do not wear strong perfume,maintain eye contact as often as possible,choose your words carefully and try not to speak negatively of previous experiences in the work place. Always bring pens and pencils, calculator etc and a notebook for taking notes. good luck, you will get a job eventually !

  9. 2 positions I interviewd for are in house (I work for a very large company) My manager told me last week that she was contacted for a reference from one of them and that the person who contacted her said she wasn't quite sure what she wanted to "do" with the position yet. The other also contacted my manager but he seems a bit on the shady side, I don't know. No one has been hired for either, so I don't know what the deal is.
    The other positions I have interviewed for have sent me letters stating they hired someone who was better qualified.

  10. same here! thank you so much for your thoughts:heart:
  11. Sorry, I know it can be frustrating! Is there a weak spot on your resume, or in your interviewing style? Do you have a career counseling department at your school? They can help you with interviewing techniques and refining your resume.
  12. Try Linkedin.

    Also, a lot of employers do interviews for jobs that don't actually exist, just to get an idea of what the market is like. They're polling salary requirements and experience.
  13. Oh I feel your pain! I had been looking for a job for 2 years before I got an offer 2 weeks ago. I had the same issue of not having enough or the right experience. I got a lot of help from my brother-in-law on revamping my resume. I also have found and head hunters useless. Once you interview at a particular company, head hunters can't help you. My most successful method was sending my resume directly to the companies and then dealing with their HR people.

    What kind of job are you looking for? If you want PM me and we can chat.

  14. I am trying to get into finance or programming, I'm keeping positive that something will come up its just pretty annoying at times.

  15. How nice of them...