No Jimmy Choo For Me!

  1. What a debacle! I had problems with NM verifying my order so I cancelled it and got an even better deal at BG for the LP Mahala in Bone/Sage. Well, they gave me the same grief. I called 3 times to verify, and they claimed it was ready and when I checked today, it still says I need to verify! I got so fed up I just cancelled my order. Will now be on the prowl for my first JC!
  2. That bag is on sale at Saks as well.
  3. Also on sale at Nordstrom. Call Marie or Stacey at the Bellevue Square store (425) 455-5800. Ask for designer handbags. One of them should be able to send you the bag of your dreams. :girlsigh:
  4. Thanks ladies, but the more I look at it, the less I'm sure about it. I think I might need to see it IRL before committing since I hate returning things! I still want a Mahala, just debating what color! Thanks for your help!
  5. On a positive note, before long the SS collection will be available and who knows what delicious little treats will be available! :biggrin:
  6. I completely lost my interest in this color also - I know the colors I don't want better than the ones I like - maybe I should just get black leather. I want something to wear all year and not trendy. Should mention I saw the sage Mahala on sale at Saks and tried it on - lukewarm to it - also with the tax it added up to almost $1500.00 - not that great of a sale.
  7. I'm sorry you had such an ordeal with this bag purseinsanity. Maybe it was for a reason, that the bag really isn't the "one" for you.

    When the right one does come along, I'm sure you'll know it the minute you see it and it will be yours without all the hassle that this one has caused! :tup:
  8. I agree with Stinkerbelle perhaps it was just not meant to be. You'll know when you see the right color.
  9. Neimans and BG are actually the same company, maybe that's the reason you had the same issue with both?
  10. I'm sure that's got something to do with it. Oh on! I'm hoping the website will have a real sale soon! I'm drooling looking at all your collections ladies! Thanks for your support!
  11. Gees...
    Just not meant to be and there's a better "Choo Deal" out there for you.

    Who knows, maybe the "Bag Gods" are intervening because the bag Neimans was going to send you had a scratch or something.:shrugs:

    Choo ON!:choochoo::choochoo: