No JC Ramona in Singapore!

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  1. I was going to compare between JC Ramona in Navy or black with the YSL Muse, and found out that THERE IS NO RAMONA IN SINGAPORE! Never was before. They only have a few designs, like 3. *big wail* I'm based here now and I'm devastated. I didn't buy it when I saw it in NY cos I thought it was too heavy, and suddenly, just because I can't find it here, I think I NEED it. Please knock some sense into me.
  2. Tammy, you don't need the Ramona :biggrin: How long will you be based in Singapore? It's very hot here now, btw - how have you been handling this?
  3. Thank you, Passerby! You're right I don't need it! I much prefer the Muse, frankly. Phew!!
  4. JC Ramona is so unpopular here.
  5. Hey saw a couple the other day at the Takashimaya Jimmy Choo - go check it out! I think it's inside Taka itself (not a stand alone shop like the LV, Fendi etc etc that are in Ngee Ann). Right next to another little Bottega. Hope this helps!
  6. bought a ramona before.. but that was close to a year ago!
  7. You posted in the wrong forum for us to knock some sense into you. LOL, we are the biggest group of enablers on the planet. Can't you get it shipped there?

    As far as a comparison between the Ramona and the Muse, I had a Muse and got rid of it within hours because it wasn't me. I really hate that bag, sorry. Too structured, leather not slouchy, and just not buttery like a Choo. Just a glorified bowler imo.

    I know this doesn't help, but we are Choo girls here and :love: the Ramona. It may not be popular in Singapore, can't speak to that since I have never been there, but it is a true classic here in the US.

    Also, if you think the Ramona is heavy, try the riki. It is the smaller version of the Ramona. I know a Riki weighs less than a YSL Muse.
  8. They are often on bluefly and sometimes on overstock. Check there.
  9. Well, I have 3 Ramona bags and just love them. The belted design is tres chic, and the bag is a classic style. Choo leathers are yummy! The inside of a Ramona is well organized, with pockets for all your necessities. It hangs well on the shoulder and is not a heavy bag. For a shoulder bag, there are few, IMHO, that come close to the beauty and practicality of the Jimmy Choo Ramona. Maybe you do need one:graucho:.
  10. ^^^^yeah, and she's a BV girl as well, so if she is singing praises for the Ramona, it must be a great bag! I have the Riki and love it! I guess if you want to look like all the other girls you should go with the Muse, tho.
  11. Hey Tammy
    I saw plenty of Ramona at the JC in taka beside the BV shop, and those with exotic leather are on sale! They even have the suede Rikis in red and white.
    I'm actually looking for a black Riki but they don't carry it in Singapore :sad:
    Is there anywhere I can get it shipped to Singapore? It's always so hard to find a Riki as compared to Ramona (which I find it's too big for me)???:confused1: