No insertion fees for auction style listings on Ebay


Jan 30, 2009
I have got a coupon in the mail and an Ebay message in my Ebay acct for 10 free (insertion) auctions on EBay. Offer valid April 1 through 14.

Full ofer details are supposed to be found @ Right now this page is all about free listings for March 10 - 23, so I guess the haven't updated it yet.

Oct 17, 2006
I had a similar offer for March 10-23, I took advantage of it, and have been able to unload almost everyting (except one item that I can find good use for myself). Althought the promotion says limit of 10 listings, somehow I got to list 13 items with no insertion fees. Don't know why. Perhaps, the relist did not count towards the limit. Anyway, you can try to list something to find out. Before you confirm your listing, there will be a message indicating your fees. If it says "$0 and you just saved x dollars", then you are good to list with no insertion fees. After you list, you can check your sellers' account to confirm.