No I can't get it out of my head...

  1. I was perusing gofugyourself and like an idiot clicked on a link to Ali Lohan's recently released holiday album, and further proved how stupid I am by actually listening to the song..."Lohan Holiday". Its sheer awfulness cannot "adequitely" be described by me because it has efficiently killed off up to 50% of my brain cells and filled the resultant vacuum with its inane tuneless drone.

    Someone please enlighten me: who told this girl she could sing? Or write songs? I mean---WTF is a "Lohan Holiday"? Is that when you get really f**ked up and twirl around a stripper pole with your Mom and have delusions that the whole world cares what you think and that you are a role model for young people and old people too?

    Actually, that sounds sorta like fun...minus the whole stripper-Mom thing because I just can't quite picture my Mom, you know, doing that.
  2. I guess if you have the money, they let you make an album. I can only imagine how bad it is, I'll take your word on it!
  3. Haha, madamefifi----you listened to the song so we don't have to. Thanks for your sacrifice....that's 3 minutes you'll never get back, unfortunately. Don't you hate it when a song you loathe keeps going thru your head?:noggin:

    Happy New Year!
  4. Another case of siblings piggy-backing their way to albums. It's terrible that record companies would rather sign based on names than on talent.
  5. Ah just makes no sense and isn't worth the time.
  6. I'm not exactly sure, but I presume it must be held in a prison cell because, you know, the Lohan Dad is there. :rolleyes: :p
  7. I couldn't listen to the whole thing! I couldn't take it anymore, so I stopped the song.
  8. Wow..haven't listened to it and now I definitely know I don't want to. Honestly, why make a song about your own holiday? Like anyone can seriously relate to it anyway. Ugh. This is why the traditional songs will always be favorites and these new ones will be forgotten.
  9. Rebecca, you don't want to listen to it!

    This is a pretty accurate review of the song:
    Come let me take you on a Lohan Holiday/A winter wonderland that’s oh so far away/Don’t have to go nowhere, just let your mind escape/Come on a journey to this Lohan Holiday.” Ali and Lindsay extend this thoughtful invitation to “a magical Christmas land” filled with “magical moments that you have only dreamed” while never quite mentioning what rituals or traditions the “Lohan Holiday” might entail.

    I woke up the next morning, humming a little bit of it, stopping and going, "Are you KIDDING me!?!?!"

    Honestly, at least Heidi can sing! The lyrics of hers are so sickeningly sweet, but she's forgiven because the video is beautiful and that song was written for her children.

    The scary thing is, Ali wanted that song to be for EVERYBODY!
  10. Hey, how'd you find out about my Christmas eve?:wlae:
  11. Lol Caitlin..I've been scared away from it completely. Ick.
  12. thank goodness I havent heard it!
  13. I suspect the rituals involve the downing of several V&V (vodka & vicodin) cocktails followed by the crushing and snorting of some Oxycontin, and then the relentless stalking of old boyfriends/one-night stands, topped off by incoherent rants via email to whomever it may or may not concern. Then the trip to the local hoosegow to visit dear old Dad while Mom jets off to Rodeo Drive to spend more money she didn't actually earn.

    I just love the holidays don't you?
  14. :confused1:

  15. little sisters ode to her big sisters coke habit? thats what it sounds like w/those kind of lyrics