No hope to purchase Birkin in Hong kong

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  1. Due to economy crisis, kelly are very easy to got in hong Kong,
    I oftern find kelly display in different hermes store but none of them are Birkins.

    Can any TPF member share how you got your first birkin in Hong kong hermes shops? Unlike US and France, we never see a birkin display in store. And media alwys reported only Hermed VIP and celebrity can get it. Else you must buy from reseller.

    Shall I started like the book " binging home the birkins" buy scarf and other stuff and ask whether they have Birkins in stock?
  2. When did you visit? There was a 50cm clemence there few weeks ago.

    If all fails, Milan Station and France station retail?
  3. The media obviously never spoke to the tPF ladies :P:graucho:
  4. ha ha agree, after vising TPF, Many member say you can see a birkin in paris or US, but i never see them in hong kong
  5. and reseller s price is too high
  6. Same here in Singapore. :sad:
  7. I did remember seeing a birkin at Milan Station tst for HKD58000 but I didn't get a chance to check out the condition of the bag, etc. ... a sign of recession?
  8. yes , it should be pre owned.
    The cheapest reseller for authentic Hermes bag is Brand off

    I saw they sell a black 35 cm gold hardward Birkin for $59800
  9. I think I have pretty much given up hope of getting one in HK but I know some other lovely hk tpfers have gotten theirs at the Hermes in HK.

    Pray do tell me when you do manage to get one and tell me how you did it! =)
  10. I agree. I have given up trying to buy a birkin from H boutiques in Hong Kong.
  11. A Birkin can seldom be seen on the shelf. You have to ask for it, they might show you if they have one in the back room.
  12. really
  13. There were a couple on the shelf when the branch in Harbour City opened. And at the Peninsula branch I once saw a Himalaya croc with diamonds.
  14. thanks for the information
  15. Yes, that was what I have thought when I first went to Paris. I told myself I will buy a Birkins if I saw it on the shelves. But I saw none so I did not purchase. When I come back and read up tpf, I realise that there was actually available Birkins on the date I was in the Paris store. I so so upset.

    Thus, I went back Paris the next month and ask for it. And I was actually offered one!