No home anymore....

  1. As per my last post regarding my ex-hus's affair then we got divorced last Sunday, I try to be strong and let it go. However, since we are still selling the house that we currently live in and I dont have any family or friends here, I still need to go back house after work everday while we sleep in different bedrooms.

    Right now my emotion is much better than four weeks ago, but just feel extremely sad when everyday's work over and the weekends. I feel so painful because I don't have home anymore, home broken and the house isnt like before either although nothing changes. Also my ex-hus looks like trying to approach the woman (married too with kid, but looks like still choosing her husband), and he wrote love letters more with lots of gross words, buying her gift (of course using CC again which makes him deep in debt more). I know we already divorced and it is not my business more, I still feel unhappy when seeing that.

    What shall I do, with broken heart though trying to be strong...
  2. :sad: im really sorry for all your going through.

    i cant offer any advice that would help you as i havent been in the same situation but i believe everything happens for a reason and you will have somebody much better come into you life and treat you with so much love and respect. you deserve it! :smile:
  3. Hang in there. I have never been divorced but I certainly remember when my parents divorced. My dad had an affair and then ended up getting married to the lady, who is now my step mom. My mom and I had to sell the house and then moved into a tiny apartment. It felt like everything was lost. Life slowly just came back together again piece by piece and we moved on. It’s hard but I know you will be ok. Especially seeing how strong you are from the start. Good luck.
  4. Im so sorry you have to go through this. I know it must be terribly painful and being in the same house with him definently doesnt help your situation. How about going out while he's home or if that's not an option just focusing on a hobby or keeping your mind wandering on tPF! :-]]

    {{Hugs to you}}
  5. I'm so sorry that your heart is broken, hugs to you. :heart:
  6. I'm so sorry to hear what is happening to you. But you did the right thing, you deserve someone who loves, respects and cherishes you. Not someone who chooses another person over you. You will find him, I promise!
  7. ***Hugs to you***
    You have everyone here to support you. Sending you the best of vibes.
  8. Its a shame he's so obvious and open considering you two are in the same house still. That's sad and frustrating to me.

    Id start looking for an apartment/condo for yourself and as soon as your house is sold, move.
  9. I'm sorry for what you're going through. I know it's easier said than done, but keep in mind this is for the best. Time heals all wounds, and I'm positive that in the near future things will start falling into place. Just hang in there, and remember you've got us if you ever want to talk. A big hug.
  10. I have started to look but I can not assure any one since the house is still for selling so we are still paying the monthly mortgage...

  11. We love you and you have our full support here! Please keep us posted on everything.
  12. So sorry about how you're feeling. But you did get rid of the LOSER, so I know you have the strength in you. It'll get better. I promise.
  13. You are being very courageous. Your heart hurts now, but you deserve a better man. You will heal in time. Is it possible for you to talk to a counselor? You can come here for support whenever you need to!

    Good luck and ((hugs)).
  14. Hang in there, girl, it will get better (promise) got out of a bad situation in time, concentrate on yourself now and don't waste your energy worrying about you ex (I know this is easy to say, but let him stew, hope his girlfriend never leaves her husband..) We're all here for you, big hugs!!:heart::heart::heart:
  15. It is completely understandable for you to feel the way you do. It will take some time but things will get better, just don't forget that. I am so sorry about what has happened to you, and clearly you deserve better. I wish you the best and I hope your situation improves very soon.