No Hermes for me...

  1. So I'm up in Northern California visiting an old friend and we went to San Francisco, specifically Union Square. We went to all the usuals...Bloomingdale's, Neiman's, Louis Vuitton, Hermes of course. So it was decided that I HAVE to get my Monogram Sac Squash which I'll get once I come back down to Orange County. We made our way over to Hermes, where I tried on the Buenaventura Messenger, which was nice...but for canvas and leather not worth 1800 dollar price tag. I then laid eyes on the Hermes Tibet MM and decided I HAVE to have it, until I was told it was $5200. With that said, I could use the money towards several Louis Vuitton goodies as well as Bottega Venetas. So for now, Hermes will not be anything I'll purchasing soon other than perhaps a wallet or key holder sometime soon...:crybaby:

    PS- Everyone has amazing Hermes goodies!!!
  2. Did you go today, Mr Posh?
  3. Mr. Posh, please don't be sad...H accessories are faboo, too! :yes: Glad you can join us for some mutual adoration of Hermes! hNe
  4. today I was shopping for LV, and caught myself saying "Wow! The prices are so cheap!"
    When I heard myself saying that, I went into the corner and comforted myself with a cookie.

    Hermes rather skews your perspective on prices and luxury. There might be more important things we could be doing with our money... But its H!

    I've been working with the idea of keeping my eye out for good vintage pieces, and enjoy the accessories I can afford until I make the big plunge. Maybe that will also work for you?
  5. :lol::lol:
  6. I just spit milk on my keyboard to go with that cookie:roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: .

    Seriously, I remebmer saying I would never spend $600 on a how times change...Now when you go into Hermes and it's $300 for a scarf, it's like bargain hunting...

    Mr. Posh Spice....start will be back because that bag will haunt us.....
  7. Mr Posh .... you can't quite equate several branded bags to one H bag and think that H bags are too expensive and out of reach. H bags last a lifetime and if you can withstand not spending on a bag a month, and save up several months for one H bag, acquiring that H bag will put you on Cloud 9.

    I have friends who buy other brands as "fillers" and at the end of the day, they still lust over a H bag that they still haven't acquired. And during this time, they landed themselves lots of other brands bags which would well be the cost of one H bag.
  8. I agree, I´m sticking to LV for now since I´m a really bad saver and I would have to save a loong time for an H bag. The accessories are not out of reach though! Maybe get an agenda or a keychain etc MR Posh Spice?
  9. I'm with Mrssparkles! I'm holding out for *counts* 4-5 months for my Hermes, which in the long run, is not long at *all* for a gorgeous bag that will last forever! I could have bought three or four bags by now, but being able to get one single Hermes bag every year plus some great Hermes accessories is sooo satisfying :biggrin:

    V rephrased ^_^
  10. ^Let´s not get into the LV versus Hermés "discussion" now please:idea:
  11. lol let me rephrase, as I meant no offense, I was just saying how he picked up an Hermes that was expensive for canvas/leather, but LV is expensive canvas/leather too :biggrin: Brand name canvas does not come cheap from *anywhere*! :biggrin:
  12. Yeah I agree....this isn't about comparing quality when both are great. Not all LV is canvas, and those that are can last a lifetime too.
  13. Ah thank you for explaining:flowers: The last thread here that compared the two brands upset me a bit.
  14. Ooh I missed that one O_o It's all about personal taste :yes:
  15. ^Agreed.

    Love those little animal keychains I see on this forum! Do they have a "real" name? Are they easy to attach on a bag?