No help with print placement?

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  1. I called seattle outlet earlier today and asked for a specific placement on a bag. The SA told me they do not do that anymore. They pick a bag at random and send it to you. Can anyone confirm this? Has anyone been told the same thing?:confused1:
  2. wow! that sucks!! at SH they from what I know of... they still do it... maybe it was a bad day for that particular SA
  3. its true...i confirm that in seattle they dont do that anymore the asst. mgr told me that...only because a few complained about the placement they got was in the wrong place..yada yada ..etc.. they probably got the characters they asked for but not in the "right" place for example they wanted ipod girl on the right..but its on the left?? :shrugs: ...

    Im not sure of SH and Woodbury..i believe they still do print placements..??
  4. dang.... at least they got the bag right? oh well.... now we get nothing! it's okay for me though cause they don't ship to Hawaii anyways! hehehe hopefully SH doesn't start doing that
  5. Greatt! Leave it to the anal retentive people to kill it for the rest of us!
  6. Ditto... grrr...:cursing::mad::censor::rant:
  7. yeah all it take is one person to complain...i feel bad for the SAs cuz they really try their best in describing it to you on the phone and that is what they get back for if you got the characters you asked for then what is the problem?? for me as long as it there somewhere im friggen happy better than unwanted characters imo!
  8. That really stinks :sad: I wish it was one of those things where everyone was happy with any unique bag, instead of being totally angry if they don't end up with a unicorn, vampire bunnies or a sushi serving baby. I don't mean to offend anyone here or anything like that, but practically every picture of print placement that I've seen someone complaining about has been adorable, cause just about all Toki bags are!

    It's one rotten apple spoiling the whole barrel. But then again maybe I'm being hypocritical cause I have favourite characters too. I sure wouldn't complain about print placement from a place where you're getting the bag you want for CHEAPER, though!
  9. lol.. i feel crazy enough asking for certain characters or for it not to be cut off too much (nancy chuckled at me when i asked for that on my bella), but demanding that it be in a certain place..

    oh well, at least i don't buy from seattle..

    (but does anyone know if they have any OP bags left? i'm feeling a bit of non-buyer's remorse :biggrin:)
  10. Yes, I called Thursday night to confirm my order for the Adios Star Ciao and the SA I spoke with was super nice, but she said they weren't supposed to help with print placement anymore. She did find me a Ciao with Sandy on it, which is all I wanted, but she told me that they'd had problems with people requesting certain characters on something like a porta and then being upset when it wasn't exactly how they wanted it. She said she didn't mind looking for one particular character but some people call and want this, that and the other thing and just run them around and then still aren't happy with the placement.

    A few of you said it, a bad apple or two spoil it for the rest of us.:sad:
  11. How do you contact the Seattle outlet? I can't find any numbers anywhere...
  12. kkiimm, they had a few bambinos, lunas and portalafenos in OP when I popped in Thursday night.
  13. Phone number is 360-654-3520.
  14. that sucks.... I called on Thurs. to place my order for op canguro and Tiffany (I think) was really nice about it. But then I told her Im not big on placement I just want the Milk bottle somewhere on the bag. The only 2 bags that mattered to me about placement was my paradiso (coconut girl, ordered from Seattle) and my Spiaggia Zucca.
  15. Thanks! I might get a bambino.. This print is the only print I'm willing to go for duplicates of :smile: