No Help...Original Leather Cocoa Cabas?????

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  1. I just cannot believe that no one else on the forum has this bag. I am going to bring it back to my SA to look at it. I was just wondering if any one else is having a problem with the c's on their bag puckering also.
  2. I personally have no idea what you're talking about {?}
    Did you post something somewhere that you wnat to link us to?

  3. I posted a small cry for help yesterday in the thread titled Original leather cocoa Over 50 people read my thread yet not one person answered. I guess no one on the forum owns the original leather cocoa cabas.
  4. i have no idea what you're talking about either. i don't have the original cabas, but i'm sure someone here has it. maybe you should link your original thread here.
  5. I saw it... read it... and wondered if someone who had a Cabas in leather would be able to help you. There are a lucky few who do own them and they post here.
  6. I bought one last week and it's being shipped to me. Will look at the bag and post my findings once I receive it.
  7. You know, 50 people isn't a lot. There's a good chance none of those 50 had your bag. There are almost 30,000 people on this forum after all, and very few have the coco cabas. Good luck finding help though.
  8. I have the bag. I didn't notice anything wrong with mine. It doesn't pucker.

  9. Hello! I just saw this. I also have the bag and mine is perfect. My sis has one and no problems with hers either. Can you post pics?