No Help from UK Customer Services

  1. hm... i purchased a Damier speedy 30 in jan (as you can see in my pic) and i wanted to get a luggage tag seperatly and have it heat stamped with my initials. I already own a vachetta luggage tag but i wanted one that matched my bag.

    So i spoke to a customer services agent and they didnt have a clue whether the speedy 30 came with a tag or not. I told them that it dosnt and i wanted to purchase one seperatly and have it heat stamped.

    I was imformed that it wasnt possible :S im certain it is as i've seen other ppl on the forum have this done!

    Can anybody give me a telephone number for one of the london stores so i can call them directly and ask, as customer services seem to have no clue.

    Im so annoyed and confused that "customer services" have no idea about the products they sell!:tdown:
  2. so am i customer service sucks they told me that there was no such thing as a limelight.... then said there is but it was exclusiveto usa. they havent got a clue turns out my store had one anyway and i missed out coz of lv services. im sure you can get a tag i thought i saw one too besides if its not common im sure they will special order one for you. just go into ur lv shop. good luck
  3. If you don't have the direct line, ask to be put through to your local shop and they will be able to help you.

    Good luck

  4. Maybe they were just confused if you mentioned anything about the speedy and luggage tag in the same conversation, haha. Try asking for a vachetta luggage tag directly and for it to be heatstamped.

    I think they get so many unusual enquiries from customers that they try to second guess us, lol

  5. Don't ask for a vachetta tag, whatever you do, if you want one to go with the Damier speedy. Otherwise you're going to get a light-colored tan one that goes with the mono speedy.

    Just tell them you want a luggage tag for the Damier Keepall. You can always say you lost yours and need to replaced it. Just don't ask for vachetta, or you'll get the wrong thing.
  6. I gave up on customer services a long time ago they are useless

    Just ask to be transfered to the store you would prefer they may resist but press it
  7. thank you everybody!!! i was soo annoyed i had to take myself shopping to calm down, haha!

    I am goign to try calling again 2moro and asking to be put through to a store because like you all have agreed, they are truly useless!!!!
  8. When I was in London 3 weeks ago, I bought a luggage tag from the Bond Street store and got it heatstamped there as well. The large luggage tag (for the Keepall) costs £21 and the heatstamping took 4 days. Good luck!
  9. I have these 2. It should be easy to get a luggage tag, and get it heatstamped, good luck!!

    02077589200-new bond street
    02072014180-sloane street
  10. I have the number of the City store somewhere, PM me if you need it.
  11. At least there's always fellow UK LV addicts to the rescue ! :graucho:
  12. :tpfrox:
  13. It's really difficult to get through to the LV stores through customer service. Anyone knows the LV direct line in Harrods?
  14. Wow, what a great idea! Can anyone post a pic of the luggage tag that would match a Damier speedy? What is the smallest size and how much is it?
  15. I've seen the picture, but for a Keepall 55, I think that one would be too big for a Speedy 25.