No heatstamp for spring street clochette?

  1. Hi guys,

    I recently got a LV spring street bag, which is absolutely aborable (I was seduced by all you guys will cute baby blue/pink/yellow bags, but wanted something more high impact). However, when I asked for authentication advice on the bag I was told I should post pics of the heatstamp on the clochette.

    Now...for the life of me I can't find one, neither on my bag, nor on pics from MPRS on eBay, nor in any other pics posted by members in tpf. The bag I have has checked out as authentic in every other aspect.

    So, am I going crazy or is there really no clochette heatstamp? Can the spring street owners out there help me?
  2. bump!

    i have the same question. i don't have a Spring Street but i am looking to get one. since it's discontinued of course i must resort to eBay. so i am wondering the same thing..does the clochette have anything stamped on it?
  3. possibly not since it is not a luggage peice??
  4. I think they mean date code??
  5. ^no actually the little clochette thingy that is for the keys to the lock (the datecode is inside the bag itself). kind of like the clochette thingy that the CB papillons have, but in vernis and not vachetta. with the vachetta clochettes they usually have something like "Louis Vuitton Paris made in France" stamped on it. But i (and the OP) were wnodering if on the vernis clochette for the Spring Street, the same thing is stamped, or if it just plain (no stamping).
  6. arh i see what you mean. Prehaps add it to the Authenticate This thread and see what the members who regularly look on there have to say. I know a few mods check it daily and give as much info as they can. Good Luck!