No heart purse for me...

  1. So, I went to LV just to see WTH was going on. I'm given a multicolor heart purse (I was originally on the WL for the multicolor, but then switched to be on the WL for the red a couple weeks ago). I say, no, I'm supposed to be on the WL for the red. They tell me I'm somehow not on it, and have to go to the bottom of the list. I could have bought the multicolor, but it... just wasn't what I wanted. It was very cute, but I wanted the Pomme.

    So now I'm so ticked off I don't even want the damn thing anymore. I'm so sick of the customer service I've gotten lately at LV. My last three SAs have spoken English as a second language and I don't think they know WTH I'm saying. I can't believe the dude didn't switch my name on the waitlists like he said I did.

    /end rant :sad:

    But, grats to everyone who got theirs today. :sad: /sigh
  2. Oh, I'm so sorry, that's terrible. Why don't you speak to the manager and explain the situation to him/her?
  3. Well, I hope they call you soon for the pomme!
  4. Awww... sorry this happened to ya... I would ask to speak to a manager as well and explain your situation.
  5. Awww --- too bad this happened to you! Perhaps you'll get your Pomme soon and you'll feel better.

    I had a up-and-down day too. Got my MC coin purse at Neiman Marcus, but someone else was ahead of me on the Pomme so I went to South Coast Plaza and the SA's there told me that the woman who was supposed to ring up the coin purses for people on the waiting list was not there yet! It was already after 1:00 in the afternoon!! Grrrr!!!! So I didn't get my Pomme today.

    Perhaps we'll both get our Pomme coin purses real soon and we can stop feeling crappy!
  6. :yes: :crybaby:
  7. i don't have one yet either. maybe we can start a 'no pomme' club together. all these heart threads are making my heart hurt.
  8. Don't feel bad. I'm shopping next weekend and i know I can't get one.
  9. Sorry to hear that!

    I love both the MC and the Pomme! But... no heart purse for me either! I still can't decide on which wallet (Cozy or Ludlow) to get yet!
  10. That sucks!! Sorry to hear that.
  11. . awww. you should have gotten the mc. and gave it to me :smile:
    so sorry your SA made everything messy.
  12. LMAO Thanks for making me smile!!! :heart:
  13. I'm sorry . . . I did hear from one LV store today that they may be getting more shipments - I hope that is true.
  14. oh~ that's what i thot, the MC one is not as good as the pomme im bottom of the list for a pomme one ><
  15. I know how you feel, i got put on the list for the perle somehow... and now I have none :crybaby: