No Hand Luggages Allowed - Anyone dare to travel?

  1. Following the new ruling on most airflights a few days ago due to terror alerts in the US and UK, will any of you dare travelling with your LV handbags/hand luggages being checked in to cargo?!!

    This surely will put me off travel for a while as my Keepall and small bags cant be brought with me. I cant bear to think checking in my LVs.....I think I would.......FREAK OUT. Just imagine on that day the ruling was imposed and this happened while you were at the airport, I could just DDDIIIIIEEEE.....
  2. I had exactly the same thoughts! :nuts:
  3. no hand luggages at all?!:Push: i need to watch more news...
  4. Hmmmm, I thought in the US we just can't carry on any liquids or gels?......I would not check anything LV, which is why I don't have any LV luggage, I have some larger LV pieces I use for work/overnight travel, but nothing that I would use on a plane, you never know when they are going to pull something and make you check your items.....All I know is that I hope things change by November b/c I'm going to Hawaii non-stop and it's like a 10 hours + flight, if I can't bring some tothpaste, facewash and moisturizer on with me it is going to be a miserable flight!!!
  5. I've checked my keepall MANY times and always got it back.:smile: It's luggage after all.;)
  6. I know on the day they imposed theruling, only items placed in a small clear plastic bag given by the airport staff was allowed to be brought on with you, anything else had to be checked in.

    Maybe, we should petition to make LVs an :smile:
  7. I always travel with pegase 50 and 70/keepall depending on how long I'm going for. I have never had any problem checking them in, it's luggage after all.
  8. this is no longer true, the rules were relaxed today. a small bag is allowed. but i always travel with a tumi wheely that i check in and whatever i've had inside has always still been there at the other end. well so far anyway.
  9. For me, my LVs are my PRREECCIOOUUSSS, anyone else handling them would be a big.......SIN. LOL.
  10. yeah, I agree, I wish I could do the luggage thing but....I'm happy using tumi and samsonite and my Chanel travel items, the "travel cloth" type of items I don't worry about scratching or damaging the leather etc...and I don't usually travel with much so it's just not worth it for me to invest in luggage, at least not yet......
  11. when I had my pegase, I checked it in at manchester Airport, only on a short flight to Austria...OMG I could have died when I got off the plane and got it from the luggage looked so worn and thrown round...never again, never again !
  12. This is such a bummer! In my countries and most others, we can still carry the same as before mostly, but from the UK I can only carry a small bag, and that's such a bummer since I'm going to cambridge in two weeks, so I can carry my keepall on the plane from norway to the UK, but have to check it in on the way back, and I don't wanna risk that at all, so I'll think I'll travel with some shabby nike bag that I can check in and rather treat my self to carry my chanel around in the airport.
  13. OMG, I'm so sorry! Traveling can be stressful enough without worrying about how our luggage is treated, that just sucks!
  14. Me & my partner have a keepall & pegasse we always check them in, they do come out with a few marks but the clean up no problem at all.

    Gotta admit not loving the idea of plastic see through bags kinda spoils the look ;)
  15. lol thats not the last of my story. When I got to the airport in austria I had to trail my pegase through the snow in Salzburg and I had loads of water marks when I got to Bad Hof Gastein. Never again ! Glad im shut of my pegase.