No Gucci Hobo AND Stolen Chanel Sunnies

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  1. Well, I just wanted to let everyone know what happened to me supposedly getting my gucci hobo bag.. I didn't get it BUT here is the story (sorry, if its a bit long) .....

    Someone recently stole my chanel sunnies straight from my handbag at work! =( my managers are not compensating or doing anything to change that..i came home crying my heart out because i bought the sunnies with my first paycheck when i was 17 and to top things off, i found out that the day it was stolen was exactly the same date as the day i bought it ( 2 years difference!) The thing that gets me really angry is..they didnt take my wallet or the whole handbag, they just took the strange. The sunnies had a high sentimental value =( So when i got home, i told my bf everything and without me knowing, my bf goes calling all the chanel boutiques and dept stores asking if they made the same pair. A couple of days later, he took me to Bloomingdales in SF, and there it was..the same pair but the price increased. I was still so upset over somebody actually taking the sunglasses out of my bag..I didn't even know whether I wanted the same pair again in fear that someone might want to steal it from me. But without hesitation, he bought the sunglasses for me. *teary* it meant the world to me.
    So in return, I bought him Nike SB Lau Dunks (106 pairs in the world.) I thought about it for a long time..the price of the shoes were even higher than the medium hobo so it was a huge sacrifice for me. But I knew that it was the right choice..2nd year anniversary and Christmas was coming up..and he wanted them so dearly (and it was very difficult to find) So I bought the shoesand gave it to him early and he had the biggest smile on his face. The price of the shoes, the loss of my hobo bag did not matter anymore..all i knew was he was giving, and he did not expect anything in return which makes me even happier to buy him something he really really wanted.

    P.S. I believe in karma..i hope the person that stole my sunnies gets what she/he deserves! Oh btw, I posted up pics of the shoes and a pic of me and my best friend in our chanel sunnies (the one in the pic is me 2 years ago with the old sunnies that the person stole..its also sentimental because my best friend and i bought it together..i have the brown ones, she has the black ones!)

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  2. you and your bf are so sweet to each other. :smile: the one who stole it must envy you a lot. don't worry so much about it anymore... your new sunnies will also have a sentimental value as your bf gave them to you so lovingly.
  3. oh no, so sorry to hear about your sunnies being stolen. i believe in karma too! don't worry...people get what they deserve.
  4. Sosorry that you were a victim. I had my Prada sunglasses stolen at a restaurant 2 weeks after I bought them. It really sucks!
  5. Doesn't your employer provide you a way to lock up your handbag? Like a locking desk or an actual locker? I'd be knocking on my manager's door about that if they don't, especially since they aren't compensating you for it. I'm not really sure they are obligated to compensate you, but if it's a fairly good sized employer, they DO have an obligation to provide you a safe/secure work environment and that includes a way to lock up your handbag.

    Now if you made the same mistake I see around MY office of women leaving their bags not only out and visible, but open and sitting on their desks in clear view of any pick-pockets, then unfortunately, that requires you accepting responsiblity for the loss. I don't mean that to sound nasty because I can really appreciate how upset *I* would be if I were in your shoes. People that steal are bottom-dwelling scumbuckets that deserve whatever comes around their way later on, but ultimately we have to take the proper steps to protect our things as best we can. Which is why I do strongly suggest you discuss security matters to your manager and if he/she won't do anything, go over their head. Just make sure you do this in writing so it's well documented.

    Man, people are slezoids! First CastoCreation's wedding rings now your sunnies. :cursing:
  6. I work at the airport in the Duty Free Shops. I work under a modeling agency so therefore I believe it is my agency's responsibility to protect me and my belongings. Not too long ago, I was told to stop putting my handbags in the managers office (DFS managers thought I and/or coworkers might want to take their belongings (testers, perfumes..etc)) which is ridiculous because how can they not trust us? Ive worked there for a year because of that, I was told to leave my bag in the lunch room..We were told that only employees of the DFS can go into the lunch room. So I followed instructions and this is what the beginning, my boss was willing to compensate for my loss because she was the one that told me to put my bag there (and no, i was not given a locker although some of my other coworkers had one but i think they ran out of lockers) but anyway, there were cameras in the lunchroom so i asked them to inspect it and it turns out the stupid cameras were broken...but yeah, it was the one day i forgot to leave my sunnies in the car. i think whoever stole my glasses must have known me and i fear that it is someone i work with...
  7. that's horrible!

    my chanel sunglasses were my first designer purchase from my first job too (at age 18 though). i know what you mean when you say they have sentimental value.

    hopefully someone will do the right thing and give them back... :sad:
  8. You poor thing! What a way to have to work and be treated! And it sounds too much to hope someone would turn them in since it does sound like it probably was a co-worker. That's just too high a price to pay for simply doing as you were told!:sad:

    Yeah, mean people definitely suck! :cursing:
  9. Yeah! Thanks everyone for listening to the story..I feel better just letting it out! Now im super suspicious about who took it O_O I do not bring anything to work i either have my bf drop me off at work or I wont bring anything to work with me except my car keys!
  10. ^^^I can't say as I blame you a bit! I'd do the same if I were you!
  11. I'm sorry that someone stole your sunglasses. It's really disgusting to me how people can do that and to add to that it had sentimental value. They will get theirs, Karma is a B*tch. At the very least you and your bf sound very caring and giving towards one another. You are very lucky to have each other and want to do such sweet things...
  12. those are some sexy two must be the sweetest couple ever!
  13. Yikes sorry to hear about that!!!
  14. thats terrible! im really sorry for your loss, they obviously hold a lot of sentimental value which makes it 50x worse. Your bf is so sweet to track down some new ones for you! And the shoes you got him are awesome, i showed them to my BF who thinks they are really cool!
  15. I think you should explain the situation again to your supervisor and say that you'd like the sunglasses reimbursed because you did what you were told and the cameras were broken. Sorry that happened. I've had jewelry stolen, clothes stolen, and its just the worst.