No Gucci at Saks in Raleigh, NC. :o(

  1. So I was down in Raleigh, NC this weekend, and decided to swing by Saks to see if they had any fall bags out/stuff left from the sale, and that Saks doesn't carry Gucci!! I was SO bummed. They said they might get them next year. They did have LV there, and this AWESOME leather hobo that had the mono kinda punched out in pinholes... no idea what it's called, but it was HOT. So no bags for Mick, this trip, but I did pick up a GORGEOUS BCBG dress there, and I did just buy a cute mono bamboo moon hobo on eBay (score!), so I suppose I'll live until my next trip into NYC.
  2. That stinks! I would've been bummed myself!
  3. yeah I have been to some Saks before that don't have gucci or lv even............Santa Barbara and Mission Viejo both in CA are two of them. Talk about being bummed when I got there!!

    Come to think of it will all the money people have in Santa Barbara, I am totally suprised that they don't have a gucci or lv there.