No giant aqua day :(

  1. Just got an email from Kim(BalNY) and she informed me they dont have an aquamarine giant day:sad: :shrugs: :confused1:

    Im so sad!! I really really really wanted it!

    Has anyone seen it anywhere?

    Going to try BalParis tomorrow... fingers crossed!
  2. fingers crossed but as far as i know Bal Paris has nothing left in aqua ...unless they got some new stuff in verrry recently ...good luck in your search anyway girl ! :yes:
  3. thanks! i think i need it... i really want itt!! aaahhhhhhhhh
  4. Oh no, I hope you find one, Mimi23! Have you checked out all the stores from the Stores NOW carrying b-bags threat? Fingers crossed!:flowers:
  5. I have called nearly every store in paris and no one has the aquamarine!!! was it even made in a day?!!? I'm starting to wonder
  6. Yes... there are a couple of ppl on here with Aqua days, and I'm *fairly* sure it came in GH too...

    Keep trying to call around!! Since its been out from around February or so... number may be dwindling?? Have you tried calling department stores too?

    I'm going to call Barney's today to see if they have any Aqua coin purses... I will let you know if I find out anything.
  7. I saw one at Neimans Marcus this week both in Paramus Nj and White Plains
  8. REALLY?!?!?!:yahoo: (ok trying not to get my hopes up) but by any chance would you know their number?!
  9. weird question but I'm in barcelona now, thinking of taking a trip to paris to purchase me a bbag but want to check the stock before I go. Do they speak english or spanish at balparis if i were to call up? I know probably 40 words maximum in french..
  10. Yes they speak english quite well!
  11. Thanks! You ladies are amazing. I can't wait to buy my very first bbag! I've been looking for one here in Barca, but the only store that sells them here has pretty much only GH which I like but I think I'll save for a later bbag purchase.

  12. Paramus is 201-291-1920
  13. just gave them a call! they didnt have any :sad:
  14. just gave them a call! they didnt have any :sad: Thanks tho!