No Galliera PM for me :(

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  1. I just have to express my frustration, anger, and irritation somewhere. I placed an order on eluxury for some LV items pre price increase. I was really excited by the Galliera PM. My credit card was charged, I got the shipment confirmation email, and I called yesterday to make sure that the order was shipped (the rep on the phone told me that it was on the fedex truck as we speak). Then this morning I get an email confirming the return of my order. I called, and the rep said that the order had accidentally been cancelled. She went on to say how the other reps could have told me that b/c the cancellation was in their system for a couple of days. She said that she could redo the order for me but that she could not authorize a price reduction to adjust for the price increase - which was the whole point of my ordering the items before 8/19. So they are willing to redo my order at the new higher prices. I declined. I am going to stick with Neimans and LV botiques from now on, which is a shame b/c I have never had a bad experience with eluxury until now.
  2. OMG. I can't believe that. Good luck at the boutiques - then you can walk out immediately with your Galliera PM!!!
  3. I'm sorry - call and speak with a manager in order to get the previous price. Did they say why your order was canceled? If it was their fault, they def should give you the pre-increase price.
  4. What a terrible experience. I guess saving a few bucks online doesn't make up for the quality in customer service! :Push:
  5. The cancellation was in their system for at least 3 days (the cancellation was processed on 8/16). Plenty of time for me to redo the order pre price increase. What ticked me off the most was that the reps whom I spoke to on 8/17 and yesterday said nothing about it.
  6. The rep did offer to let me speak to her manager. I just was so disgusted by the whole thing that I declined. The rep noted in my account that I thought that I should get a price adjustment, so if I call back later to speak to the manager my request has been recorded.
  7. I really can't believe that! I am angry now by just reading this!
    I'm sooo sorry for you!
  8. I suppose that I could call back, argue with the manager, and get the price adjustment. I just don't want to go through all of the hassle. I get that mistakes can happen, but they should bend over backwards to compensate for the mistake - especially when they took my money & told me that the items were being shipped (on the phone and via email) after the cancellation mistake happened.
  9. It just depends on if you want to give them your $ or not. If saving the $ counts then you should fight for it. But if you have a boutique near you, I say go and build up a relationship with an SA and that will help prevent problems like this in the future.
  10. I usually do work with a SA at South Coast Plaza or one at Neimans. The Galliera PM is just so hard to find right now that when I saw it online I jumped at the chance to get it before 8/19. Now I do plan to wait for it to show up at the botique. Saving the money would be nice, but the hassle and shipping costs of buying it online are more of a negative than paying a little more $ at the botique.
  11. My single experience with Elux ended in disapointment also, although the service people were exceedingly nice -- it just didn't seem to actually HELP in the end. :crybaby:
  12. Sorry to hear about your experience !

    For a luxury retailer, they are surprisingly unaccomodating, especially since this was THEIR mistake. :\
  13. Yes all the reps were very nice about it, but they didn't help me either.
  14. I am so sad for your news!

    If it were me, I would be fighting they send me the bag with an invoice dated pre-price increase, but can understand if the frustration isn't worth it anymorn!
  15. Sorry to hear that. I'm awaiting a bag from elux that hasn't been mailed out yet. I purchased it a couple weeks ago and it was dusty and scratched so I returned it for a new one. It's taken them a long time to do the return. I hope they don't charge me the new prices..hmm we'll have to wait and see.