No Furry Boots For Me--My First Bbag Arrived

  1. So, I posted the other day about the bag I ordered for my bday off Bluefly, and it arrived today! I opened the box a little fearfully honestly! lol I hadn't let myself get too excited, just in case I received furry boots or something else like another member. This time, they got it right! Oh, and she is GORGEOUS! :yahoo: I sat there and sniffed and fondled her, ok more like molested! lol I have a couple of pics, but they don't do her justice! The one with the flash has it way more orangey that what it should be, and it is overcast outside, so the one without is a little too dark, but I will post them anyway. The color is somewhere in between. I really don't see much of an orange undertone irl, just a gorgeous red!


  2. congrats! she is a beauty.
  3. beautiful! What color is she?
  4. GORGEOUS! Is that tomato?
  5. Wow!!! Beautiful! So much nicer than furry boots this time of year too!! :rolleyes:
  6. Just beautiful! I love your new handbag - wow!
  7. Beautiful! Which red?
  8. What a beauty!!!! And I love the GH too!!!
  9. It's rouge vermillion... but I had to check the card to be caertain... I hadn't seen tomato or vermillion in person, and I was expecting the vermillion to be more orange. IRL, it looks like a rich vibrant red, and not orange like in the pic with the flash.
  10. It's lightened up a bit here, and I was able to get a better representation of the color! I am just so thrilled with it!!!

  11. Congrats!
  12. Congrats :yahoo:Very pretty in Red.:yes:
  13. congrats! its looks sooo pretty with GGH!
  14. YAY for you!!!! I am SO happy you didn't get the furry boots like me, LOL! Your bag is GORGEOUS, congrats!!!
  15. Very pretty :yes: I bet you got a good deal on it too ;) CONGRATS :yahoo: