no free shipping?

  1. Well, I went ahead and ordered the FB shoulder from BalNY as soon as they opened. I haven't ordered from them before, but I thought they offered free shipping. I guess not because they charged me $15 for it. Is this normal for first time customers?
  2. That's odd - I thought it was free shipping over $500? Or maybe they have changed their policy yet again.
  3. That is strange. When I ordered from them about 6-8 weeks ago I didn't get charged s/h. I just ordered from them again on Sunday & I didn't even ask about the s/h charges b/c I assumed it was free..
  4. may want to ring them about that, coda, just to make sure.
  5. Hmmm.... It has always been free in the past... BalNY is emailing me pics of a couple bags. if I order one I will let you know what they quote me on shipping...
  6. It was never free for me in the past. I was always charged full shipping costs from BalNY.
  7. i just had a bag sent to me last week... i asked for the total of my purchase at the end of my phone order and leslie told me no tax, no shipping fee!
  8. I made a purchase from them about 4 weeks ago and they didn't charge me shipping.
  9. It's odd how their policy seems to change. Oh well, what's $15 when you're spending $$$ on a bag. I'm not in love with BalNY based on the experiences I've had with them so far, but I really wanted this bag, so I gave them my business. If I ever order another Bbag, I will most likely order from Aloha Rag.
  10. i just got a bag from them and they sent it to Canada with no shipping cost. you should call them and find out why they charged you. good luck!
  11. i've never been charged shipping either - did you get it expressed? they do charge for overnight or expedited shipping. but for regular UPS,it's no charge :yes:
  12. ^yeah, ground s/h was free for me last time (and hopefully this time). Maybe they accidently charged you for express. I would call them.
  13. Maybe they have a minimum purchase price of $1000 to get free shipping? I bought a city not too long ago and the shipping was free. Definitely call.
  14. gwen10 can you post the pics from BalNY?
  15. Just bumping this thread to let everyone know that BalNY still has free shipping for purchases over $500. I got a call today telling me that they credited my card for the shipping that they mistakenly charged me.