No FEMA money for Louis Vuittons!

  1. Look what my boyfriend just sent me:

    Under the Dome:</B> Rep. Virginia Foxx (R-N.C.) adds amendment stating, “None of the funds made available to the Federal Emergency Management Agency in this act may be used to purchase a Louis Vuitton handbag.” [The Hill]

    Here is the article, it takes a long time to load:

    One of the most egregious examples of abuse that came to light last year during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina was displaced people and other victims spending their government-issued debit cards on Louis Vuitton purses and other luxury goods.
    And Rep. Virginia Foxx, the grandmotherly freshman Republican from North Carolina, has had enough. Foxx has introduced an amendment, known as the “Louis Vuitton Amendment,” to the homeland-security appropriations bill that would specifically restrict that type of misuse of funds.
    It reads, quite simply, “None of the funds made available to the Federal Emergency Management Agency in this act may be used to purchase a Louis Vuitton handbag.”
    Foxx spokeswoman Amy Auth explained that the language is designed to “highlight the abuse that occurred with the debit cards last year so that it doesn’t happen again.”
    A spokeswoman for Louis Vuitton did not return phone calls. Perhaps she’s offended that anyone would pay for one of their bags with a debit card. How déclassé!

    I posted this in the LV thread, but I think its of general interest and seriously how ridiculous! Maybe they should worry about men buying flat screen tvs!

  2. I heard about this supposedly happening after Katrina, but damn if I never saw an actual verified account of a specific person doing exactly that. I'm sure the esteemed Congresswoman believes she is protecting the taxpayers from fraud, but I'd be more willing to bet that the story of people doing this is right down there with Reagan's apocryphal "Welfare Queen" stories in the 80s, which were also never proved to have actually taken place.

    JMHO, of course. I'm just saying.
  3. Did anyone think that maybe some of those people prior to Katrina actually had a very expensive handbag collection. :rant: Katrina hits and all of their bags are gone too. So they are just replacing items they lost in the storm. It may sound crazy if you didn't have a collection of handbags.:amazed: That is an insane bill remember it's their tax dollars just like its ours. Let them spend their money how they want.The insane thing is how after almost a year most of the people don't have jobs or anywhere to call home. Why is Oprah making it happen and not the government. The government needs to focus on that and not on LV bags. This is how they waste our money over silly crap like this.:mad: Okay I've vented.:love:
  4. I think that is one of the most ridiculous laws I have ever heard of - why single out Louis Vuitton? It's okay for someone to spend their FEMA money on Chanel, Hermes, Prada - anybody but Louis Vuitton?

    I have to really wonder about the people running our government many times .... .

    If they are going to make a rule about how much you can spend on a handbag then they will also have to specify that you can't buy designer jeans or shoes or jewelry or big screen TVs - the list would be a million pages long.

    Isn't there more important, like life or death, legislation they could be working on? Peggy
  5. ^^^ it's not just LV

    it's just easier for the bill to stand out that way
  6. Atleast they bought real ones at the boutique and didn't trade some sleezeball scammer for fakes for the debit card.
  7. I stand corrected -- Snopes rocks.

    That said, perhaps the effort would be more useful if it more directly specified what CAN be used with the money as opposed to what cannot. Like one previous poster pointed out, where's the "can't buy a big plasma TV" rule?
  8. I totally agree with this. And I think its ridiculous that a female Rep. feels the need to make this sound gendered, i.e. more women shop at LV and its like she's saying that women are using FEMA money in inappropriate ways - what about the men?! I have no doubt they are too. I'm so annoyed I might have to break down and write her a letter.