No feedback

  1. I have been waiting for feedback from 3 sellers. Two of the auctions ended weeks ago and still no feedback even though I have sent a friendly message to remind them and put positive feedback to them. What to do? Could it just be as simple as they not getting my e-mails? Or should I report it or what?
  2. It's happened to me too, sometimes they just don't want to return the favor. I don't know if you can report them or not... :confused1:
  3. It´s so unfair to me! The sale went well and I deserve some feedback too.
  4. Feedback is voluntrary and you can't report people for not giving it. it's annoying when youre trying to build up your feedback but just remember: no one gets feedback for every single transaction. if you;ve emailed once, please don't email again, they might leave a snippy comment on your feedback.
  5. So I should just give up even though I gave them praise and paid the second the auction ended:wtf: ?? I think that´s unacceptable. Feedback should not be voluntary.
  6. I've re-read ther original post and realised you're the buyer. Some sellers leave feedback in bulk; so they should get round to it eventually, or maybe they won't. Just be warned that if you bug them about it you may not get the postiive feedback rating you're after.

    You could also check whether they've even been active in the past few weeks with the advanced search:
    1. have they left feedback for anyone else?
    2. have they listed anything recently ?
    3. have they bid on anything recently?
  7. Speaking as a seller who thinks feedback is almost as important as an auction going well for both parties, SOMETIMES YOU HAVE TO LET IT GO. This has been hard for me, having always left it for others, but if a friendly reminder hasn't worked, remember that (I assume) you're happy with what you got and what you paid for it, which is the bottom line-I also once got feedback the day before the limit expired for leaving it-I agree with the other ladies, don't bug, sometimes unfortunately feedback can get into the "be careful what you wish for" category. I'm just glad you are happy with your items!
  8. Some sellers leave feedback in bulk weeks later cause they just may not have the time to leave it just than.
  9. same thing is going on for me- i'm waiting on feedback from about 7 people, all very successful transactions.
    i've sent an email, and that's all i can do.
    maybe something is going on where they can't get on right now? always give people the benefit of the doubt. i had a guy who was late paying one time and it turned out that his house caught on fire! he apologized SO many times and even emailed me multiple copies of a newspaper with his name in it just so i wouldn't file a npb and that i could see that he wasn't just a deadbeat bidder! i was like, dude! i'm not that mean!
  10. ^^^I can understand his efforts to prove he was telling the truth. On ebay it's so eeasy for people to lie about family illness/family death/major disaster etc. to get out of paying for something.
  11. yeah. but it's fairly easy to figure out who's lying.
    i'm a fairly lenient person, but i hate when people take advantage of me being nice.
  12. Nola, nearly everyone on eBay has experienced the same thing. I've never received feedback for some very expensive items (and I left the sellers glowing positive feedback). It's maddening. But it is voluntary and you can't report it. It may eventually come, but try not to dwell on it. They may never take the little bit of time it takes and give you your feedback.
  13. :flowers: Thanks guys :flowers: I guess I´ll just have to wait and see if they leave the feedback ever. I would just wish for common courtesy on Ebay sellers:s
  14. You know, I definately wouldn't email again. I once saw someone with the following NEGATIVE feedback comment;

    "Here is the feedback you were so desperate for..."

    Very nasty.

    Good luck!

  15. Sorry to hear that, Nola :sad: It's just the opposite for me. I'm always quick to return feedback but there have been several times when buyers never left me feedback although I provide same or next day delivery and give the best service I can. I usually send one follow-up email but if they never get back to me I just have to let it go :s