No feedback bidders?

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  1. Here is a question for seasoned sellers. I clearly stated in my auction that I do not accept bids from sellers with under 10 feedback. The high bidder on one of my auctions has 0 feedback. Can I get into trouble by cancelling her bid?
  2. hell no. You said in your listing you don't accept less than 10 feedback. Cancel their bids and in the reason section, just write: bidder has less than 10 feedback and I don't accept that as stated in my listing

    or something like that. I've cancelled bids before with this...nothing bad happens.

    In my listing, I say less than 10 positive buyer feedback must contact me before bidding so I can explain to them my policies and if they agree in a return email, I let them bid....

    I also suggest you cancel their bids and add them to your blocked bidder list. Just google ebay block bidder and it's the first link that pops up and just add them so they can't just rebid.

    good luck!
  3. Did they pay? If they paid I would sell it to them.
  4. Is there a particular reason why you don't let any bidders with less than 10 feedback? I once almost cancelled a bid because the buyer had 0 feedback, but they turned out to be a great buyer and paid right away!
  5. If they pay, would let it go.. we all got started with 0 and then had to grow..

  6. I usually ask that zero feedback bidders contact me to assure me that they're serious about buying if they win, i would never not sell to one, like mentioned above, we all started at zero !
  7. I'll admit that I haven't sold a lot on ebay over the years (I'm far too proficient at purchasing things there though ;), and the last time I sold much was a few yrs ago, but I always got hassels from people with really low feedback. They have nothing to lose by screwing you over, not paying, making your listing look like schill biddiong is occuring, etc.
  8. I wouldn't sell a high dollar item to someone with 0 feedback. We all started somewhere but we should all start small and work our way up. JMHO
  9. I have sold to SEVERAL zero feedback bidders over a eleven year span and have had VERY few problems ever......They normally want to please and get started ...I find in this economy if you have a buyer keep them...
  10. I have a feedback of 3!! But, I live near Boston, and I am within an hour of 3 outlets, so I have only recently been lurking on ebay and bonanzle...
    I have paypal setup with my amex, and I am still learning how to bid (been sniped a few times).
    When I see that a seller won't sell to me because of low feedback or tell me to contact them first when I am looking through merchandise, I often keep searching and don't put it on my watch list, even if I am interested...
    I have also contacted a seller who didn't request, to let them know that even though I have low feedback, I was a serious bidder. So, I think it works both ways.