No Feedback Bidders

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  1. Hi all! I am new to selling and am not really familiar with bidders who have no feedback. I have sold a couple of items in the past and have been lucky enough to have them be wonderful people with 100% feedback.

    Today someone bought one of my items BIN but they have no feedback. I did however receive an instant verified payment from a confirmed address via paypal.

    I was feeling a little paranoid so I did a google search on the person and also did a google satellite of their home which actually turns out to be a home. I was afraid it would be some vacant building or something :roflmfao: I can hear people saying "paranoid much?" but I had to be sure!

    So my question is, everything looks good like it checks out but can anything else go wrong? I plan to ship it via USPS, signature confirmation, tracking, insured. Are there more ways to protect myself? I know it sounds silly, but its an expensive item and I want to make sure the transaction is safe. Thanks in advance :smile::heart:
  2. You should be ok.
    You have her money.

    First time buyers have to have that first transaction sooner or later right?!

    Usually in my listings I post a statement that bidders w/ 3 feedback or less should email me first before bidding. That way I get "to know them" a bit first.

    It also could be someone who set up a new id for buying. Since eBay changed the feedback and it now shows and states the item, many buyers want to keep that private.
  3. Hi Berlyn - As long as you have a confirmed address and the payment has been done via Paypal you should be okay. You are taking all the necessary precautions by sending it UPS, signature required, insurance and tracking as these will be required if any was to go wrong. One other thing did you check via eBay on view the buyers details to check that the address that eBay has on its records agrees with that of Paypal?
  4. Thank you for the info! I was reading on the ebay forums that a lot of people don't mind no feedback bidders for that reason as well. She doesn't have the same email on her ebay and her paypal though, I think she uses hotmail and excite. Should this be a red flag?
  5. Sounds like you have everything covered - payment, confirmed address, shipping with tracking and insurance.

    As far as a hotmail email address that wouldn't worry me. I actually use one from one of the free sites for my Ebay activities.
  6. Hi Berlyn,
    I have sold 3 very expensive bags to 0 feedback bidders. Two paid with a Money Order :yahoo:
    I covered all my bases anyway and shipped USPS priority with sig conf and insurance.

    I always enclose a nice card and pack very well. All 3 left very nice positive feedback and I did so also with a warm eBay welcome.

    I think if you pack your items very well and add a card, it just gives the buyer a nice warm and fuzzy feeling and they feel better about the purchase.

    Even if the buyer doesn't buy insurance (which I make mandatory over $250.00) I always insure any item I sell over $75.00 and include a thank you card & wrap in tissue paper.
    BTW, I too go on and make sure the address is legit.

    You dud good!
  7. ^lol funny you mention that, I just finished writing her thank you card :smile:
  8. you should be fine. the thing that always happens to me is a 0 fb buyer usinig BIN who never pays... that's annoying!
  9. I think we all have to start somewhere. At least they paid and it was with a confirmed verified PP account. I've had newbies use BIN and I never hear from them again.:sad:
  10. I have been selling and buying on ebay for almost 8 years and in my experiences, a zero feedback bidder usually means trouble. So I never allow them to bid on my items.

    I know they all have to start somewhere on ebay, but todays buyers think its all a game and dont take it seriously. Not all of them, but more than I want to deal with.

    I would rather lose a sale than to deal with a zero feedback bidder.
  11. I guess I've been lucky. Three flawless sales to 0 fb'ers in the past month.
  12. I have good luck with new ebayers for the most part

    if you have her money and a confirmed address, I wouldn't worry at all

    good luck!!
  13. go for it. you checked all the important facts.
  14. Thanks everyone! I sent it out yesterday hoping for the best :smile: I got a thank you email from her when I sent her the tracking info, so at least I guess its not a dead email account or anything. Fingers crossed she'll be flawless like some of your 0 feedback experiences!
  15. I just had a 0 feedback ebayer buy one of my bags and she paid immediately (had no choice as my auctions are set up that way) and all seems to be well. Her address with PP was confirmed and she sent me a nice email after I sent her the tracking number. I don't anticipate any problems.