No Feedback Bidders- What To Do?

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  1. Hi
    After hearing countless scams that have been going on ebay I decided to put a note on my auctions saying NO FEEDBACK or NEG feedback bidders please contact me.

    When they contact me: What do I say??? One guy just emailed me whos a memeber of ebay for 4 years, no feedback.

    Is there an ebay policy for no feeback buyers?
  2. Nope, there is no specific policy relating to 0 feedback buyers.

    Plus, you can only limit negative feedback sellers from bidding on your auctions, not 0 feedback bidders.

    If this 0 feedback bidder contacted you, isn't that what you were after? He made the contact, let him bid.

    What you can do, however, is if someone who hasn't contacted you first bids, you can cancel their bids with the explanation about "Didn't follow policy, bid without contact first". That doesn't help for last minute 0 feedback bidders, unfortunately. It's kind of a crap shoot.

    Best of luck!
  3. go to your on preferences...edit your listing preferences..there are options there that u can click like blocking bidders with negative feedback or those who have less than 5
  4. I'm in the same boat. I sell to 0 feedback bidders on my regular items all the time but when it comes to high ticket items like LV, I am always very hesitant. 90% of these bidders never pays.
  5. I just had a buyer, around 3 years registered, 0 feedback.
    The person won the auction, and later eBay cancelled the whole listing because the person's account was hacked into. The buyer even had the nerve to send me fake PayPal messages and telling me to ship to Nigeria! Yeah, right!!

    But I have had some good 0 feedback buyers, I think I've had 2 so far and they were great. It's hard to say, there can be good and bad, it just depends on your luck!
  6. If the 0 feedback buyer contacts me, I'll let him bid. It shows that he has read your ENTIRE auction description (most people don't!) and to me, that's a sign of a sincere buyer. Ship to his confirmed address only though, for your protection. good luck!
  7. Ugh, here's my sitch: I always state in my auctions that zero FB bidders must contact me through eBay before bidding. So today someone with zero FB (but on eBay since 1999) bought my item, paid right away (it was a BIN that required immediate payment), and had a confirmed addy. I emailed the person to ask if she would prefer me to ship Priority rather than UPS so that she would get it faster. No response yet. I will cancel the transaction if this person does not respond through eBay, because I am afraid of the old "someone hacked into my account" routine.

    Isn't it strange to be registered since '99, but have no FB whatsoever?