No Fakes Being Sold Door to Door Where My Husband Works!!

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  1. It's rather late, but I just had to share this story with everyone because I just couldn't believe what my husband did today. Apparently, a saleswoman came to where he works this afternoon, selling fake handbags out of her name it.....she had it all.....Coach, LV, Fendi and Balenciaga, Dior ......of course, you can't even imagine how these beautiful bags could look in vinyl, but you get the picture. The girls that work with him were going gaga over these bags like they were candy. My husband asked this woman if any of these bags were real, and she said, "of course, not". They were great knockoffs....who would even know the difference?" He told her that his wife was a "woman who loves the real thing" and he didn't appreciate counterfeit sellers coming to where he works to sell their junk. The woman at work were just astounded that he knew so much about fake handbags, of all things, that it was so illegal to even buy them. The saleswoman couldn't get out of his office fast enough, even before she had a chance to sell anything. He told me this over dinner tonight. I was so proud of him, and he laughed because he couldn't believe that he felt so strongly over the subject, after I have been drilling this into him for months..just because of how I feel about the subject. I thought that was a great story and I wanted to share, as I still can't believe he did what he did. Yay!!!:P
  2. Gold Star for your hubby! I am sure you are very pround~!
  3. oh man...i need to send my bf your way. i couldn't even get the guy into LV today with me, let alone have him lecture others on fakes! lol wtg
  4. I just thought that it was utterly amazing that my husband would even do that.....and then after that saleswoman left, he sat and talked with all the girls at work about the whole concept of fake handbags and how wrong it is to patronize anyone who sells them. I just couldn't imagine my husband doing that. I just love him....what a guy! I swear, I must have drilled the fact home with him many, many times!!!
  5. Wow, you should definitely be proud of your husband!
  6. At least, she didn't make any sales that day.........
  7. That's so awesome of your husband! My bf usually tunes out when I talk to him about bags :smile:
  8. Woo-Hoo!! Good for him!:tup::busted
  9. Way to go!!:dothewave:
  10. What a great guy! And how great of you to educate him- now his coworkers are more educated and one of them may tell someone else, and so on, and so on...:yes:
  11. this is an awesome story! i love hearing about all the cute and noble things our guys do for us in the name of purse love :smile:
  12. Thats wonderful that your husband did that. Its not always easy to take a stand against everyone else. Good job CR's hubby!
  13. What a wonderful hubby he is, lucky you!
  14. Ha, Ha.....practically every time he walks by the computer and if I am on it, he says...."are you on that purse forum again"? All that useful information received on this forum was put into action yesterday! I forgot to mention that it also made me feel really good inside that he did that because that fake purse store that is nearby is still selling fakes like hotcakes and not one authority that I contacted is doing anything about a small step was taken, anyway......:rolleyes:
  15. Contact the manufacturers that are being faked there :yes:

    anyways your hubby rocks:yahoo::yahoo:
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