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  1. Hi :crybaby:
    I have a question, can I go to a LV store and ask them to bring something in like a MC Ipod Shuffle, or MC Nano (If this is even exists). I know in the US, a Mono Nano case is available. I found the MC Ipod Shuffle case on another countries LV site. I really want to find out if a MC Nano case is available, and if I can request a store to bring this in. Or someone can confirm, that this doesn't exist yet. :shrugs:
    (And does it cost anything for a LV to track down a specific item?)
  2. Us will not transfer to canada
  3. So in other words, if I want to wait for a MC Nano case or MC shuffle case - I would have to wait for them to be shipped to Canada? This is too bad. :crybaby:

    Thanks for your reply! (And the other choice I have is to look for it on eBay).
  4. Unless its something the canadian stores carry. You'll have to get it off eBay or have someone in the US buy and then they would have to ship it to you.
  5. is there an MC nano case though?
  6. ^^^ I don't think so... on the site, it only shows that the Nano case is made in Monogram Canvas... ;)
  7. John are u gonna get a case for ur new ipod video? Oh and btw were able to sell ur old one?
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