No Facebook page? You're a criminal

  1. The biggest problem with Facebook is that it sells info about us – so why should we give it to it?! More than that, right now it became one of the online tools for investigating people by third parties. Personally, I do have Facebook account which I created because of curiosity long time ago, but haven’t used for about 2 years….
  2. That's not always true though. I'm not a hermit or anything lol...I interact with people on a daily basis with my line of work, and I enjoy it. I have friends outside of work. We usually meet up with friends at least once every weekend for car shows, and we're all normally sitting around still talking long after the car show is over. I just prefer to keep my private life private when it comes to social media, and I'd rather connect with friends in person or over the phone. Some people just don't feel the need to blast the details of their life all over a Facebook wall. I don't care if other people have Facebook pages or not; I have no problem with that...but it's just not for me. I just think it's BS that employers would take your lack of a Facebook page into consideration when you're applying for a job. So glad the company I work for isn't like that!
  3. Yeah, I think the wikileaks guy said it was the number 1 information source for the CIA or something like that.

    I set up a facebook page at the insistence of a friend but haven't used it for ages. I talk to the friend, as I do others, through email, texts, etc. As a result of the info in this article, I may set up one under my real name but with fake friends leaving many compliments, as a kind of glowing recommendation to future employers.

    I think many people stay are on Facebook because of the possibilty of falling into a whirlwind romance with a stranger after he/she leaves them a message. This isn't altogether unreasonable: My brother met his GF on FB.
  4. It's kinda ridiculous that anyone would assume something about someone solely for not having facebook. I don't know what age group they're talking about but a good majority of people over the age of 30 probably don't have a fb page and that is normal for that generation. Now a 16 year old who doesn't have a fb page is pretty rare in my experience but it still doesn't mean that they're 'hiding something.'
  5. lol!
  6. +1
  7. It's disturbing how entitled people feel to know every aspect of your private life.
  8. That's what it sounds like to me...a journalist making nothing into something. I've searched a lot for old friends on fb, and a lot of them are either not searchable or they still don't have an fb page.
  9. Absurd!
  10. That is just stupid. I had a freaking stalker and all kinds of dumb stuff would happen. I finally said DELETE over a year ago and will never get facebook again. I guess I am not getting a new job.
  11. Though I do have friends who are not on facebook, I have to admit I've always thought it's kind of weird when I look someone up from one of my classes or something and nothing shows up. It's probably weirder that I even bother looking them up though.
  12. exactly.

    So stupid. I have never had a FB page. I don't feel it necessary to get in touch with people I had no desire to talk to before FB was invented. If I want to talk to you, or catch up I will simple call/email you.
  13. Facebook is a bore. I am glad to have deleted my acct and I never regretted it
  14. Reminds me of the flack I used to get because I didn't drive a car: "w-w-Why, that's just un-AMERICAN!!" :amazed: :smash:

    Everybody finds things to make their own business, including your own.