no extra boxes at tiffanys...??

  1. so i went in the tiffany today to buy the return to tiffany tag bracelet. while paying i remembered that i had somehow misplaced the box and dustbag for the loving heart ring. so i asked the SA if i could have another box and dustbag because i misplaced mine. she was like nooo we cannot give out boxes only dustbags....
    is this true?

    ive read on here that when you go in for a cleaning they sometimes wrap them up again in a new box.
  2. I had heard something like that before also. I wasn't sure if it was true or not
  3. In London, I find it depends on the SA, I had a gold and silver H Link bracelet cleaned and repaired and they wrapped it in a box and ribbon.
  4. Eh, it makes sense. If they gave out boxes, people who sell fake Tiffanys would be in there all the time to make their products seem more "real," you know?
  5. I think it depends on the SA. I went there just last weekend to return a locket that my husband bought for me and the SA (not the one we usually deal with) was willing to provide us with another bag and box for the other piece of jewelry we didn't return. But, I told her I didn't need one since I still had my box and bag.
  6. I agree with lucida..I think it depends on the SA...some are more "generous" than others.

    Although jillybean makes a good point...
  7. one day, the sa gave this girl 2-3 boxes and dustbag for one purchase. she even said, "here are some extra boxes and dustbag for you". so it depends on the sa.
  8. I depends on the SA, maybe also if they are trying to make up for something? I took my SS heart lariat necklace in for polishing & when I came back after the "3 business days" it came out that one of the jump rings broke & had to be sent in for repairs. I had them send it to a store closer to me (where a lady I used to work with is now an asst mgr) and when she called me to pick it up, she wrapped it up dustbag, box, ribbon, store bag.... but every other time its been no box, just dustbag.
  9. ok, i think i can debunk your mystery guys. listen up: a SA told me that they didn't want to give out extra boxes because people were selling them on eBay for extra money. yep yep. so, yes...some SA are more generous than others, or maybe just breaking the rules and giving into their customers wishes.
  10. most of the time u should be in the system with all of ur purchases...and they should be able to tell that ur not going to sell the boxes on eBay (DISGUSTING!) so they should be willing to give you a box/bag etc etc

    i know whatever SA i work with is super nice and bassically will give it to u if u want it and sometimes if u dont ask for it :smile:
  11. My SA even wrapped up an empty box for me becos she knows i love the box and the ribbons.
  12. ^^ aww that's cute!

    When we bought our Tiffany wedding bands, I was oohing and ahhing over the blue box itself.

    The SA must have thought I was nuts! LOL
  13. that's not true. I purchased Tiffany 12 strand 18k heart necklace and ask my SA if I can get an extra big blue box and she gave me extra box plus extra black suede folding necklace case. Plus, I had my jewelry clean many times at tiffany's and if I asked for a box for the small blue pouch, they always do. I guess it all depends on SA.
  14. SA's aren't allowed to give out extra boxes. it says on the tiffany site that the head honcho himself went through a great deal to design these boxes, the pefect color, everything. its just the principle, when you buy a tiffany good then it comes complete with the trimmings.
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