No exchanges after 10 days??!!

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  1. I bought a bag a few months ago that I've never used. Called up my boutique and they said they don't even do exchanges after 10 days? ! :confused1::confused1:

    I thought that was only for refunds. She explained (quite rudely in fact) that the policy is for both refunds AND exchanges.

    Anyone else that's known this? This is the 1st time I've heard of this before. Which now stinks for me because now I have a bag that I'm not going to use!!!!:cursing:
  2. just go into the store and talk to the manager...there are exceptions to EVERYTHING and im sure they can do somehting if u make a big enough fuss
  3. I exchanged something I had for few months about a month ago with no problem.

    As a matter of fact the funny thing is what I got in exchange I still have not used either and I was at the brand new Beverly Center store yesterday and was thinking about exchanging it again and they said sure no problem.

    Is there another Gucci anywhere else close to you? If so I would try another store. Or like Lovednotspoiled said go in person and talk to the manager. It is much harder to say no in person then it is over the phone.

    By the way what is it that you want to exchange?

    Good luck and keep us posted.
  4. Unfortunately, there's only one Gucci boutique near me in AZ:crybaby:. I wanted to exchange a britt medium hobo in leather I haven't used for a wave boston bag if they can locate one for me.
  5. A few months seems like a long time to wait to exchange or get a refund. I'm sorry you don't like your purchase. You could always try another boutique and see what they say.
  6. some of these suggestions are great and you should probably try them out. yeah, i guess there's always exceptions to rules. and don't be discouraged about that person whom you talked to. i'm sure you could work something out. good luck dear

  7. Who did you talk to at the BC store? I want her name! That's so cool that they are okay with exchanges after a coupla months!

  8. youre in az?? cool..!! so u shop at the scottsdale location right?? who did u speak to??? Thats the location i shop at, try to go when Kori is there

    SHE IS DOWNRIGHT AWESOME!!! I puffy heart her!!
  9. No exchanges after 10 days. That's normal here in Australia. We can't even get refunds within 10 days. Only if required by law, and that would be if it's faulty. It's great how you guys can change your minds. That is why I really have to be careful when I make big purchases. Got a pair of light gold Britt heels today and they are so hot!!! I could look at them all night...
  10. Yep, shop in Scottsdale! Um, don't hate me but I forgot with whom I spoke! I know it was a woman but my reg SA wasn't there. Maybe I should just wait for her to get there.
  11. wow that's horrible service. i've worked in retail for the LONGEST time, and there are ALWAYS exceptions. however, i DO believe that a few months is a long time, and i'm surprised they let beljwl exchange <-- thats incredible customer service :smile: i would love to go to that gucci if i could. anyway, do try to talk to a manager as already suggested, but always talk in a calm but persistent manner by letting them know that you are a loyal customer and have always enjoyed their service, and that it would be a disappointment for you to keep a bag you didn't quite like, and maybe apologise for realising this so late. don't make a huge scene though, because it makes me so angry when customers talk angrily at me when i ultimately hold the executive decision. nobody likes to deal with a grump :smile: good luck -- i'm 99.9% sure it will rule out in your favor
  12. im SURE they will let it slide...SURE they will! the girls there are so my post said, they gave me a full credit for my year and half purse just because it wore down (tottally my fault)..but i think its because of the assistant manager...shes awesome im so sorry of whoever treated u badly!!! u should report her!!! :sad:

    just assure them that u never wore the bag and just had a change of heart and u will pick out another bag FROM their store!!!! im sure they will do something for u!
  13. Thanks guys! I'm going to head in there this weekend and talk to the manager! Thanks for understanding! yea, it's my bad that I didn't take it in sooner. I'm sometimes referred to as an absent-minded professor! :shame:

  14. Good luck!!!! Let us know what happens.