no exaggeration, what do i do??????!

  1. aaaah. there is a pack of coyotes running up and down my street. my little brother saw them when he was skateboarding, and my mom isnt home. and i called 911 already, but they never come fast enough (its as if they dont care!!!)
    of course, im safe in the vicinity of my house,which is why im so calm, but im scared for pedestrians!
    if anybody reads cosmo girl, did they see that article about the girl who got attacked by a wolf?
    i tried to call animal control, but for some reason it wasnt working.
    im not sure where most of them are, but there is one in my backyard as we speak! :wtf: :wtf:
  2. They're all over out here, too. They run into people's backyards, and attack family pets. :sad: A lot of them have completely lost their fear of humans.
  3. Oh my, both you and your brother should not leave the house at all....

    This is dangerous stuff. Try 911 again and tell them that you worry about pedestrians! (maybe if you repeat the call they will come faster???)

    be safe and take good care.
  4. In my area, I don't think animal control will come for coyotes unless they're being aggressive.
  5. ok. instead of 911, im calling the sheriff, because they dont put me on HOLD.
    these coyotes arent regular, and i think they may even be RABID! nothing ever makes them do stuff like this! sometimes they are found in the fields about a mile or 2 away from my house, but arent they nocturnal???
    im not that worried for myself, as you see, since im posting on other threads, but i just want someone to go help the ones who dont know!
  6. OMG scary stuff!
  7. seriously^^^
    and on an opposite note, i dont want the poor animals falling into the pool!
    they would drown for sure!
    but i dont want them hurting anybody! aaah. i hope someone comes soon to at least drive them away to the canyons!
  8. I did read the cosmo girl article about the girl who got attacked by the wolves! be careful!!
  9. eek! i hope you and your little brother are okay!!
  10. We had one run through our backyard once . . . my parents live in Massachussetts . . . terrifyingly enough, our cat was outside at the time . . . . my cat was fine, he spent the time up a tree until he could safely come back inside.

    Anyway, we called the police, who told us to call animal control. Animal control told us that coyotes were protected and they couldn't do anything.

    We just had to wait until it went away.
  11. augh...not a good time to go outside! just hang in there until help arrives!
  12. Keep all your pets inside!
  13. We have coyotes too. I got within about 15 ft of 4 of them one morning. They run down my street looking for cats or dogs. We have had mountain lions about 2 blocks from my house.
    Stay in the house.
  14. ^ And my little (cat) girl who's afraid of the snow.. I'm glad the only semi-threat we have towards our pets here are foxes once in a while..
  15. i dont think they are protected in my area, since i find them dead all of the time..(i know, wierd)
    i just cant seem to get through to anybody!!