no email notifications?

  1. okay, so it may just be me because other people usually post if this happens. (or else, other people did and i missed it). but i haven't been getting email notifications of thread replies. i checked under my options and i have it set.

    or am i totally crazy?
  2. I don't get notifications of anything anymore. I haven't since the new board came about.
    I don't get PM notifications or reported posts anymore :cry:
  3. i got them until a few days ago when i had to restore my computer. i didn't know if it had anything to do with that.

    i switched back to the old site, so maybe that's it?
  4. I think there is some sort of issue... the issue I am not sure of. Vlad is doing some updates tonight, so maybe it will begin working again- hopefully! Sorry all, we will keep looking into it
  5. thanks megs! :smile:
  6. Anything over last night K? There was an update...
  7. nope, still not getting any emails.
  8. me neither AND I had a PM in my box this morning.
    So I defintely should've had a notification.
  9. same here. i had a few pm's when i got on this morning and no emails.

    maybe they don't like us, swanky.

  10. My notifications have been working OK (running Windows XP on the new version of the board).
  11. Very weird guys... I keep pestering Vlad to figure it out
  12. The old theme is possibly not compatible... Are only users using the old theme experiencing these problems?
  13. let me switch to the new one and see if that helps.
  14. I use the old theme and get them... I don't know if that helps. I think that if you switch to the new and back to the old, you might have to go in and reset your email settings. I think I recall not getting PM notifications at first and went in and reset. Does that help?
  15. i've switched back and forth a few times (but at the time i stopped getting emails, i hadn't changed formats at all). and i've changed settings in each. and nothing. :shrugs: