No dustbags?

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  1. A lot of my bags have come from the Michael Kors outlet and I noticed that they don't give you the dustbags with the bag. Usually, the dustbag is right inside of the bag when you buy it and they take it out and wrap the bag in it. I find it very strange that they someone manage to disappear. The Coach outlet does the same thing. Has anybody else noticed this? Or is just New York being greedy and stealing the dustbags? :P
  2. I would have thought it would be the same as Coach - a full price bag at the outlet would still come with a dustbag, but the MFF bags would not come with a dust bag.

    I still think all bags should come with dust bags - make cheaper MFF versions for MFF bags.

    Do you know if your bag is MFF or boutique?
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    No, no dustbags at the MK outlet. I asked them when I was shopping there. I even called them afterwards to see if I could buy one ( or hopefully get a friendly SA). Nope. I confirmed with other MK outlet shoppers here. This was the case for MFF and regular.

    Michael Kors outlet = No Dustbags
  4. That's ridiculous.
  5. I think its ridiculous, too considering that all bags COME with the dustbag. So what the hell do they do with them!?!
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    Their reasoning is to the effect of that the lack of dustbag contributes to the fabulous deal on the bag.
  7. I hope you are joking or being sarcastic. Please tell me that is the case.
  8. This is what the SA told me over the phone. No joke. I wish it was... maybe if enough people complain they will change the policy.
  9. I think the SA's at my local store are sick of my list of complaints. I actually started to feel bad the last time because I kept calling them on all their sh*tty policies and kept comparing them to Coach.

    I don't want anyone to think I'm over here on the Kors forum just to sing the praises of Coach - but it's like I said on another thread here - I ADORE the Kors product, it's the business model that I'm unhappy with.

    Dustbags probably cost them 50 cents each - don't insult me by telling me that the reason the bag has been marked down is because you aren't providing a dustbag with it. :tdown:
  10. I got my red Astor from TJMAXX and it didn't have a dust bag in it either. Evertime I see MK bags in there, I look inside for the sleeper. 10 mos later I finally saw a sleeper in a TKMAXX MK bag! Same as with other labels in TJMAXX, having a sleeper is hit or miss, usually miss around here.
  11. I hear you. This was my first Kors handbag purchase...I'm hoping it's an isolated bad policy. I ended my 'relationship' with Hayden-Harnett because of their ****ty business practices. The styles weren't doing it for me either but I may have hung around longer if they were a great company to deal with.
  12. I would say this is somewhat acceptable. Annoying, yes. But shopping at TJ max, you kind of expect a hit or miss situation.
  13. Interesting. I've never bought one in an outlet, so I didn't know.
  14. That is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard! The dustbags COME with the bag, so their deal has nothing to with whether or not the dustbag comes with it.
  15. COACH outlets in Southern California generally do not include dust bags on retail transfers. I've heard that the boutiques pull the dust bags before they ship the bags to the outlet per corporate policy.