No dustbag!?!

  1. Just got my Degrade Monogram Bandeau in that I ordered via 866. It came from the Chicago, IL boutique. A few things bothered me a little about the result:
    1. I was taxed on the $10 shipping (I know this only adds about $1 to my total, but if they do this to everyone, they are making money where they shouldn't)
    2. No box, just in some tissue paper and a small bag
    3. No dust bag

    Does anyone know if bandeaus/scarves generally come with dust bags? I feel I at least should have received a box to store it in!

    Sorry, just a little flustered! On a happy note: I LOVE my new bandeau! :yahoo: However, I am not using it until I get to the store on Feb.1 to see if a sweet love bandeau is coming out!
  2. I haven't purchased a bandeau yet but I've seen pictures from other members and they received both boxes and a dust bag. I think you should call and ask for one! :yes:
  3. Thanks for the help, it spurred me to give 866 a call and ask them what their policy is.

    The very friendly SA looked into the dustbag situation and said they do NOT :sad: come with dustbags, but they should always come with a box. As far as the tax goes, its their policy to tax shipping. I feel that a tax on shipping, where there is no actual shipping tax might be a BIG NO NO. :tdown: I'm in law school, so Monday I'm going to ask my Tax Law Prof. about that... more to come soon!
  4. One more point: I didn't get any tags with my new bandeau!

    I thought all LV items came with at least one tag, most having 2 or more! :confused1:
  5. hmm, come to think of it my sweet flowers bandeau that i bought at a boutique didn't come with a dustbag. i didn't mind though, since it seemed kind of weird to store a bandeau in a dustbag (seemed like it would make it more wrinkled, etc). i did get an interesting-sized bag and box though (one of those very long ones):



    the box i got came with tissue paper, in which the bandeau was wrapped in.
    i think that at the very least they should have given you a box!
  6. My bandeau came in a box and there were NOT the typical LV cards, content and model # cards; however, there was a dark brown tag attached to the bandeau. No sleeper bag, but did come with box.
  7. The bandeaus & scarf that I bought came just like the above mentioned post. I don't think they come with dust bags or cards...Just a brown pinned on tag.
  8. No dustbag with my bandeau either. My SA told me dustbags only for leather goods.
  9. Slightly OT but I read in another post somebody mentioned that LV was trying to cut costs so they are giving out less boxes (i.e. not offering them, I guess you really need to demand one). I actually just bought a Sunset Blvd. and was horrified that it came without a box and was just shoved into a bag and then a UPS box!

    My DH is a lawyer and I am also going to ask him about the tax because I am fairly certain that this "service" is not something they can legally tax as it is not a "goods" item that they are selling/providing KWIM?
  10. Thanks! I am very interested in what he thinks about this! Both my husband and I are in law school, and it doesn't sit well with us either. They only made about 80 cents off me, but the SA from 866 says it is their policy to tax this service (She looked it up just to be sure). The thing is that fedex only charges them $10, so they are pocketing that little extra every time! Seems like it could add up to a lot with such a large company! :tdown:
  11. No boxes were given when I buy bandeaus/bandanas. Don't believe they come with them, either.
  12. I called 866 back and they said they should always come in a box because they don't come with dustbags. She said it was the store's mistake (Chicago boutique), but that she would be calling them today to resolve the issue. :smile:
  13. This tax thing is strange, I would be interested in knowing the answer. I had an incident with Neiman Marcus one time when I got a price adjustment, but I didn't get the sales tax back. I called up customer service and asked. The girl on the phone told me that it's not their policy to refund the sales tax on price adjustments. I asked her "so you're charging me a tax that the state didn't authorize?" There was a 3-second pause and she asked me please hold. She came back in about a minute and told me she's refunding my CC for the sales tax.

  14. if this is true, then it's flippin ridiculous. for what these items cost, and for what we're willing to pay, we should at least get something to store our treasures in! geez! what does a box cost that company? seriously?

    good luck in getting what you deserve- and enjoy your new bandeau!
  15. UPDATE: Jen, a very nice SA from 866, called the Chicago store and is having them fedex me a box (and this time I don't have to pay shipping)! :tup: If they didn't want to, I am pretty sure my awesome SA at the Houston Galleria (where I shop) would be willing to give me one this Friday (FEB. 1) when I go to get a heart!!!

    Calling all LAWYERS and TAX EXPERTS!!!!

    :sos: I think now, the bigger issue is the TAX LV has made it a policy to impose, even where the state is not going to charge them a tax! If anyone has any information on this I (as would others) would love to know what you think!!!!