No Dustbag??

  1. My replacement purse has finally arrived! yay! I missed it so much. When I sent it away for repair the SA took the dustbag as well and the replacement one didn't come with a dustbag. I just called JAX and they said they couldn't send me a dustbag that I should just use a pillow case. I explained that I didn't think that was fair since the original purse came with one. Still that got me no where. Any suggestions?? I'm just feeling frustrated, paid 20.00 ( which I know is really nothing) to get it replaced and lost a dustbag.. sorry if I'm sounding whiney!
  2. You're not whiney - that's not fair since you had one to begin with! You should talk to your SA and see if the store can give you another one.
  3. I agree - call your Coach store and talk to one of the SAs - I bet they can get you one.
  4. or eBay one - but watch out for fakes and watch the shipping costs.
  5. What? That's crazy that they won't send you one. My agenda didn't come with a pen, I called up JAX and I got one for free!

    They should at least be able to accomodate you a bit and get you a dustbag. If not, then head over to the boutique and they should be able to get you one
  6. Wow. Sorry to hear that.

    A friend of mine purchased a Coach bag from a dept store and it didn't come with a dustbag. She called Coach CS and they sent her one for free (she explained her situation and they asked her which style was her bag..)

    I agree, call your local Coach boutique and speak to a manager. If you have to, call Coach CS again to request one.

    Good luck... keep us posted.
  7. I'm going to the boutique on Thursday so I will ask the SA that sent it back for one. The CS person told me that each bag is pre-packaged with a dust bag so that there was no way that she could send me one. hmm But I'm gonna see what else I can do :smile: Maybe they have one at the boutique they can give me ! I guess where there's a will... there's a way right?

    Thanks for the advice everyone!!
  8. I dont know why CS is so hard on this rule...I called last week about not getting a dustbag from a dept. store purchase and they gave me a hard time and I said well I have gotten dust bags before so please if you can just send me one (nothing so far) but its worth a try!