No dustbag with purchase from the this normal?

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  1. Hi all,

    I just received my Alexander Wang bag from The Outnet. But my bag didn't come with a dustbag. I contacted customer service and they confirmed that the bag doesn't come with one. Is this standard practice with bags purchased from The Outnet? For the price I just assumed that it would come with a dustbag and it wasn't stated on the description page that it would be excluded.

    Hope somebody who has purchased from outnet could clarify if this is normal.

  2. I haven't purchased from the Outnet but when I buy online I always check exactly what they are selling with regard to the product eg: tags, certification (handbags), dustbags, and all extra items that often come with Haute Couture or Pret a Porter clothing and accessories.
    Great that you rang regarding your purchase, its important to you get what you pay for, Good Luck!