No Dustbag...Should I be as mad as I am?

  1. I recently purchased a Damier Azur pochette from the NYC SoHo store. I was already a bit turned off due to the fact that the SA (who will remain anonymous) seemed a bit rude. (Judging a wallet by its cover I suppose) Anywho, as it was being wrapped up, me and the person I was with were engaged in conversation so I wasnt paying much attention. I got home only to realize that the bag was merely wrapped in tissue paper with an LV sticker on it. This is my first Damier Azur piece and I would like to store it in the Dustbag when not in use. I went back to the store 2 days ago to inquire about it and I was informed that they do not "just give out" dustbags and I need to bring that bag back with the receipt.

    I live 20 minutes outside of NYC and do not have the time to keep traveling back and forth. Can I go to another store closer to home? (The Westchester Mall) or Should I just go back to the City AGAIN????

    Also I was considering returning the bag and going to buy it elsewhere, simply because I think it was done purposely.

    Advice please...
  2. Oh I would be very upset, I would call asap and speak to the manager, if I didn't get help there I would call the main LV number and voice my issue.
  3. wow I would be so pissed. Call and speak with a manager. They can easily check your file and see when you purchased the bag. I would not go back but demand that they mail you a dust bag.
  4. they should have your info in their system :cursing:
    why would they need to "see" the bag and the receipt to give out dustbag
    when they're the one who conveniently forgot to give it out in the first place?
    speak to the manager directly
  5. I'd be pretty irritated about it too. I don't know why they just don't give one to you because I've asked for about 2 before without showing a receipt or anything.
  6. I"m not sure if they come with, but if they do i'd get intouch with the store and have them send you one.

    BTW congrats on your new lv :smile:

  7. Know what you'r "going through". Buying my keepall W/strap as my very fast LV bag, I was SO excited about get it out of that brown bag. Couldn't eat, drink & shop before I had seen my beauty !
    As unpacking the brown Louis Vuitton bag at the Hotel, my bag simply just lie there all messy and folded, so it hardly couldn't be used before I had stuff'd it for days.

    But you know what, going back for a dustbag or return it dosen't change the fact that the whole thing happend. To me it would be just making a scene. Enjoy the bag, and go get that dustbag if you need it.
  8. Well, I would be annoyed only about the fact that they were acting rude when you were buying the bag. I've gotten Speedies before without dustbags and it doesn't bother me because I don't store them in them anyway.
    However the part about them not just "giving out dustbags" is definitely understandable because lately fakers have been putting authentic dustbags with their fake bags to make them look more authentic. So in that respect, I wouldn't be mad about that part.
  9. I would've called the same day I knew I didn't have a dustbag.

    The attitude about you needing a receipt is BS. You are in the system and if they can't help you, talk to the manager.
  10. Like everyone one has said call the manager. You are in the system. There is no reason that you have to go back and bring your receipt. If anything the receipt could be fake. I have heard there are programs out there that make fake receipts. There is no way to fake being in the system. That is just crazy. If you do not get better service I would return it back to original SA and rebuy it at another store. And make sure to tell her why you are returning it.
  11. I'd be annoyed. I would expect the full works to go with my bags and other small accessories
  12. I would go ahead and give them a call. They are definitely supposed to give a dustbag. That's so weird that they just wrapped it like that. Sounds so rude.
    They should just mail you one.

    When you say you live 20 minutes outside, do you mean you like in NJ? If you get future entire purchases mailed to NJ, you pay no tax. :p The SA's keep telling me "Do you have a relative in NJ? You can save tax!" I was like, nope =(
  13. worse case, call them and tell them that you will fax a copy of the receipt to them that matches your info in the system, and then have them send it to you. Explain that is kind of far away for you to pop in for something THEY should have done in the first place.
  14. Why is it that I read more and more postings on this subject?! And not just here - in the Gucci area as well. I find it ridiculous that shoppers are treated this way! I agree that you should return it - to the manager - and buy it somewhere else! Why is it that these high end boutiques and stores think they can treat ppl like this? :tdown:
  15. It would annoy me. I'd definately go back and get me my dustbag.