No dustbag for basket clutch?

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  1. I was able to get a black Legacy basket clutch that was shipped from a retail store. I am so excited that I have it because I was worried it was sold out! The only thing is that I didn't get a dustbag for it. For those of you that purchased one, did you get a dustbag for it?
  2. No dustbag for mine. :sad: I think it's silly because it's a purse to me so it needs a dustbag. I just got a Coach gift box for mine.
  3. They are considered small leather goods (slg's) so they don't come with a dust bag like the wallets and wristlets. Just ask your local store for one, we have a drawer full of them in all different sizes! :smile:
  4. Im glad you were able to get one! They sold out so quick. We only have one black one and it was the last in the area.
  5. I went in looking for one today and was told they were gone - so sad :sad: if anyone sees one anywhere, please let me know!!
  6. There is a black one at my store in Dallas!
  7. oooh awesome! is it really difficult to transfer to another store? I'm up in Mass and would love that one! :smile:
  8. I think if you just call the store directly and ask for the coach department and give them your credit card number they will charge it and send it to your home.
  9. I got mine too and no dustbag but I am just happy I got one of the last black ones out there!
  10. I have a black one too. No Dust Bag. Love it though, I hope you enjoy yours as well!
  11. You just have to call the store and they will mail it to you! :smile:
  12. My Carnelian one did not come with a dustbag, but I am still glad that I ordered it. I wish that I would have picked up the cobalt one also when I had a chance.
  13. When I got mine, I asked for a dust cover. The sa was more than happy to give me one. I have the black basket clutch![​IMG]