no dust bag with elux??

  1. i just received my brand new keepall with no dust bag. i understand it's a large bag that would need a large dustbag, but did other people's keepalls come with dustbags? i mean it is only a 45, the smallest size they make. i still love it, just mad i don't have a dustbag. and oh yeah, vachetta areas that were exposed (not folded under) have started to change color :hysteric:
  2. Items that large I have never seen with a dustbag. In fact if you go to the boutique it's actually shipped folded in a plastic bag which is removed before showing to customers.
  3. i saw a photo with someone's keepall that had a large drawstring bag.
  4. I just bought Keepall Miroir w large drawstring bag. Firend bought Damier Keepall 55 last year - cant remember if it came w/ bag! Both were purchased in store. Hope this helps
  5. :censor: i want a dustbag!
  6. Maybe you should contact eLux about the missing dustbag.
  7. yeah, but i wanted to see first what other people said about their mono keepalls.
  8. I didn't get one with my keepall and I'd gotten it from the boutique. They just put it in a box.
  9. yeah, same, mine came in a huge box. is there anyway we can get one?
  10. When I got a Monogram Keepall three or four years ago I didn't get a dustbag, but when I bought my DH a Damier Keepall for X-mas I got a big drawstring dustbag with it.
  11. I would just go ahead and tell Eluxury that you didnt receive a dustbag with your keepall. they will either tell that 1> they are sorry and they will ship you one asap or 2> keepalls dont come with dustbags.
  12. i might even be willing to pay a boutique for one, which i'm sure they won't do. :sad: i need it.
  13. i'm sure is there any dust bag come with keepall
  14. I contacted eluxury last year with the same issue. They told me that they don't have dust bags for the keepall's. I'm not sure if this is because LV doesn't provide them to elux or what, but I was pretty ticked too.
  15. i'm doing my best to see if i can get one. why don't they come with it? "because it's a luggage piece" is not an excuse -- it has more vachetta on it than any of my bags!